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By: Cpl Informatique  09-12-2011
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C2 Enterprise is a help desk solution for IT departments edited by C2 Innovations. Relying on more than 10 years of experience in the management of support activities, C2 Enterprise answers the need for organizations to rationalize their IT processes without ever sacrificing flexibility. Developed with the everyday reality in mind, C2 Enterprise enables you to centralize all kinds of requests (incidents, queries, knowledge), to follow them up, to manage an ensemble of linked tasks and automatize their management in a few clicks. C2 Enterprise offers a wide array of services to maximize the efficiency of your support activity.

With modules designed to bring key functions to you business process,
C2 Enterprise
puts the emphasis on flexibility and enables you to design a solution that fits your organization. Automation of complex processes, email gathering and analysis, an entirely customizable web portal for request submission, remote administration and access to the solution, autonomous discovery and inventory of IT assets, interactive satisfaction surveys .. These many resources can help you reach the satisfaction and performance goals of your support teams.

Requests in a heartbeat

C2 Enterprise brings a centralization of services within one product as well as the flexibility of a solution extensible on demand, to help your quickly reach an incomparable level of service.

Trace requests from their emission to their resolution

by keeping an optimal informat ion level about the requester, tasks, levels of service and any information relevant to the follow-up of requests.

Automatize follow-up and processing of recurrent tasks by using the automatic creation of requests and batch processing, and by adopting intervention templates for your support teams.

Rationalize the organization of your support by creating request templates fitting the processes determined by the organization, or immediately adopt the good practices detailed within ITIL v2 and ITIL v3.

Reinforce IT coherence by consulting in real time information provided by the CMDB to keep a global mastery over your resources.

A 360° mastery over your environment

C2 Management C2 Management offers a broad range of functionality to quickly integrate C2 Enterprise within your organization's specifics, as well as a dashboard to manage the solution's integrated modules :

C2 Designer

enables you to generate graphical representations of request templates and to export them. It is an intuitive tool which will allow you to effortlessly deploy a help desk solution fitting your organization's processes.

C2 Custom Fields lets your create an unlimited number of custom fields useable within the entire solution as well as its modules.

C2 API Management allows your to generate simple data flows with the other application software of your organization's IT environment.

Productivity-focused functionality :

• Grouping and filters to visualize and allocate resources and requests in the blink of an eye, and interrogate different data from your IT environment

• Customizable tree diagram of your entire IT assets for an up-to-date, real-time inventory

• Batch processing to efficiently manage a large volume of requests and allow your support teams to focus on thorny issues

• Shared knowledge base between your support teams with the use of requests for information

• Exportable statistical data to create reports that meet the expectancies of managers and to allow your support teams to be proactive in their activity

• Integration of directory services for a fast implementation into your organization's
IT environment

Keywords: Help Desk

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