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By: Symvision  09-12-2011

An image is worth a thousand words!!
Most of us have read a comic strip at some point in our lives. Our familiarity with
comics makes them an attractive and accessible method of communication.
Moreover, the combination of short texts and images makes comics a very efficient
means of delivering a message.

Comics offer many advantages, and can be easily adapted to a client's target
audience. Combining comics with technology provides new interactive ways of
communicating. Comics can communicate emotions better than words. Characters
from a comic strip can also become recognizable icons, and can be used in posters,
as mascots, in derivative products, and in publications.



  • Campaigns of any type;
  • Training;
  • Paper or electronic versions of instruction manuals;
  • Various signage;
  • Communications with the press;
  • Booth design.

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Symvision Medias sociaux, Internet, Video, Bande dessinée, Présentation, Animation

Une image vaut mille mots!La bande dessinée dans le milieu corporatif est peu utilisée pourtant elle offre des avantages certains et une flexibilité d'adaptation au message et à la clientèle cible. En s'alliant à la technologie, elle ouvre de nouvelles possibilités de communication et d'interactivité.