Engineering Solutions

By: Plafolift  09-12-2011

At Plafolift, we have become a reference for system architects, integrators, engineering firms and clients when they are confronted with a lifting problem or challenge. They come to us because of our unique expertise, our passion for ergonomics and for innovative thinking.

Some of these clients require an end-to-end solution while others want input at different points in the process of going from an idea to a finished product. Others consult with us if only to validate an idea or concept. This is all for fee work that is first estimated and then approved by clients.

  1. Identifying real versus perceived needs
  2. Brainstorming/Concept work
  3. Prototyping
  4. Production

Our clients can choose to enter into the process at the stage they see fit. One might only be interested in our help in identifying the real need, another might want to go to prototype. No matter what the need or the requirement is, we are there to provide counsel and expertise.

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