By: Datumair  09-12-2011
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We're there when you need advice to make your building experience more enjoyable!

Consulting and Building Services 

Our goal is to help you build and maintain your Challenger so that you can be both proud and confident in your aircraft.  To that end, we provide a wide range of consulting and building services. 

On site Building 

W e are available for on site building.  Under contract we will come to your home, build your aircraft and have you flying in a matter of weeks.  Our experience in this area is extensive, having built 25 aircraft, so you can be assured that the resulting aircraft will be both safe and absolutely beautiful.  

Repair work 

We are also available to repair aircraft.  This includes repairs to heavily damaged aircraft (which would include complete verification of the airworthiness of the repaired aircraft) and repairs because you've just had so much fun flying that you've worn something out. 

Covering and Finishing 

Often people are apprehensive about covering and finishing their aircraft.  It does require a fair amount of experience to produce a good finish and an aircraft's finish is, after all, the first thing you see.  Because of this, we offer our professional expertise to cover and finish your aircraft.   

Custom Installations 

We can do custom installations for you as well.  Ballistic parachutes, floats, skis, etc. can be installed, either at our shops or at your facility. 

Hourly Consulting 

If you have a problem that you need to solve as you build your aircraft we can help.  We offer hourly consulting services to answer your building questions, questions about what to buy and/or where to buy it.  This consulting can be done over the telephone or at your place, though travel and per diem charges would be extra. 

Instructional Program 

Keywords: Aircraft, Building Services