The Night Guard System

The Night Guard System from Enureflex

By: Enureflex  03-11-2014
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Discover the Night Guard Enuresis System! The best Bedwetting Alarm NIGHT GUARD SYSTEM is an enuretic alarm built to detect the first drops of urine and wake up the enuretic kid. By waking the kid up, Night Guard Canada bed alarm system provokes a bladder (sphincter) contraction and the child immediately stops urinating. This spontaneous contraction has a double effect, it strengthens the sphincter (bladder muscle) and helps the kid spotting his needs for urinating. The urine detection and sphincter contraction are happening extremely fast, which means that the kid won’t even wet his sheets, only the flannel detection stripes. The Enureflex Night Guard alarm offers all the features and settings available on these pieces of hardware plus some extra Night Guard specific features like combined light, alarm and vibrator system in order to wake up even the deepest sleepers. Never fear for your kid! For younger children or those whose sleep is lighter, the NIGHT GUARD system has adjustable volume adjustments, a choice of 9 different sounds and 2 levels of vibration that can be adjusted and customized to the needs of your child .

Keywords: Bed Wetting Alarm, bed wetting store in Canada,

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Night Guard System

The NIGHT GUARD moisture alarm system is your best ally when it comes to fight nocturnal enuresis ‘Bedwetting’ issues. It is the only alarm in the world carrying a technology that can make a difference between sweat and urine, avoiding false alerts during the night. It also includes some special features allowing parents to (secretely) monitor the alarm from their room in order to prevent the alarm from stopping overnight.


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With that said, maybe when you try to wake up your child before you go to bed, it’s possible that he’s in a deep sleep phase and that his particularly before midnight. The NIGHT GUARD system his a enuretic monitor that has been developed to detect the first drops of urines to immediately wake up enuretic children. If you want your child to learn to wake up by himself when he needs to urinate, he have to be awaken WHILE he urinate.