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By: Enureflex  09-12-2011


The treatment program of enuresis of the Enureflex Clinic

The Enureflex Clinic offer you a safe and effective program to resolve those cases of enuresis (bedwetting) :

  • Deep sleep
  • Undeveloped bladder
  • Hyperactive bladder
  • Heredity

Keep in mind : If you want your child to learn to wake up by himself when he needs to urinate, he have to be awaken WHILE he urinate. (Not before, nor after)

To maximize your chance of success, enuresis treatment has to implicate these two phases :

1 – A enuresis detector that quickly detect the beginning of the urination process and is able to wake up the child at the same time.

2 – An adequate follow up and professional advice to help the child and parents during the entire treatment phase.

The NIGHT GUARD system his a enuretic monitor that has been developed to detect the first drops of urines to immediately wake up enuretic children. By waking him up at that specific moment, the bladder (sphincter) contract and the child stop urinating instantly. That spontaneous contraction has a double effects : it reinforce the sphincter (bladder muscle) and teaches the child to recognize the feeling of a full bladder by himself.

The urine detection and the sphincter contraction his extremely quick, in fact, the child will mostly not wet his bed, he will only wet the detection strip and maybe his underwear.

We often have parents that communicate with us and tell us that they are afraid that the device won’t be able to wake up their child. Don’t worry, the NIGHT GUARD systeme with a  light, sound and vibration, has a wide range of adjustments that can adapt to any child, from the easy awaken, to the really deep sleeper.

There is another factor that influence the capability of the NIGHT GUARD system to wake up your child. As you probably know, there are different sleeping phases. With that said, maybe when you try to wake up your child before you go to bed, it’s possible that he’s in a deep sleep phase and that his particularly before midnight. With the NIGHT GUARD system, your child will be awaken WHILE he begin to urinate. At that specific moment, the child his in a light sleeping phase, so it’s easier to wake him up at this moment.


The Enureflex Clinic offers his customer a unique support program. A specific follow up by one of our advisors and support for our customers (parents and child) for the entire treatment period.

That’s why an Advisor from the Enureflex Clinic will regularly communicate with you to :

  • Help you to understand the different steps of the program.
  • Answer your questions that can occur during the program.
  • Advise you on the method and suggest different actions you can take.
  • Measure with you the progression of your child and if necessary
  • Identify and help you correct the difficulties or the behaviour that can slow down the progression.
  • Encourage and assist you until the complete success of the program.

For a lot of our customers, that support has been successfull with the program and to stop bedwetting. The simple fact to be able to discuss with an advisor and to feel that you are not alone has been (as per our customers comments) a great help.

Moreover, our toll free assistance line give you an easy way to discuss with your advisor without carring about any other fees.

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