Applications Development - Prosoft Nearshore

By: Pyxis Group  09-12-2011

Prosoft Nearshore can create or enhance software applications to address your business issues. When off-the-shelf products are insufficient, expensive or non-existant, our team can build and support it for you.

Benefits include:
  • Ability to meet the specific needs of your business when the industry standard does not fit
  • Applications that are practical and flexible
  • Gaining back-office automation when no off-the-shelf product exists, increasing employee productivity
  • Opportunity to hand off support and maintenance of inherited Legacy applications in sunset status

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Website and Portal Development - Prosoft Nearshore

Our team has a proven track record of understanding initial concepts, suggesting improvements and delivering clean, well designed interfaces. An Agile software development process is used to understand the initial concept and refine with close customer communications and input. We staff the correct mix of resources on every project. We ensure success with our approach.


Consulting - Prosoft Consulting

The universities in Costa Rica do a very good job of teaching relevant technology like Java and then developing good co-op programs with local companies, so graduates often have 2-3 years of solid experience working with business applications. Development is our specialty and our team has artfully completed projects in Microsoft Dotnet, Java, C++, PHP, Oracle and myriad other development languages, including Cobol.


Agile Microsoft | Prosoft

This allows requirements and solutions to evolve through tight collaboration Microsoft Solutions Framework.With these proven practices and principles, our developers achieve success in the software development life cycle, while adding value to your business or team. Prosoft Nearshore uses an Agile Software Development Methodology based on iterative and incremental development.


Nearshore Software Development | Prosoft

When off-the-shelf products are insufficient, expensive or non-existent, nearshore software development in Costa Rica is a great solution to traditional offshore development, without the hidden costs of outsourcing to India. Clients who use nearshore software development get added value in the development process because Prosoft utilize Agile and Scum methodologies, along with Microsoft Solutions Framework.