PXI | Consulting

By: Pxi  09-12-2011

Free consultations

We like learning about what organizations are doing, and talking shop. Depending on what is needed, we’ll also provide a basic evaluation and plan for development. Whether you have any immediate plans to develop the site or not, these meetings have always been useful and beneficial to both parties – we learn about you, and you can learn more about what you can do with your website.


We can provide in-depth assessments of your current online assets and strategy, and help you craft short and long term plans. We are also happy to help with RFP development and evaluation of bids.


We can provide audits and action plans to ensure your website is accessible. We are also conversant with Canadian federal government Common Look & Feel standards.


We’ll work with your in-house team to help transition your existing web site to follow best practices and standards. Training, research, and hands-on development can be part of how we assist you.

Other products and services from Pxi


PXI | Member Managment

For organization‘s that have ‘member groups’, for instance, a national organization with provincial chapters, you can set up ‘group manager’ accounts that allow those organizations to use the system and have their own private discussions, resources, and member lists.


PXI | Hosting

We spent a lot of time researching our current providers, and keep abreast of what’s happening in the hosting world to ensure we’re using the best resources we can. We don’t really sell hosting packages, but if you are a nonprofit organization that needs to host something, do drop as a line, we might be able to help.


PXI | Content Management

The other stuff at the end of the URL’s is extra information that is used by the server to figure out what page is being requested, and is specific to the architecture of the CMS system. By separating your site’s visual design from the content, it also makes major changes to the site less expensive and much simpler. By document integrity we mean two things, accessibility and permanence, which are features of the documents the system produces.


PXI | Services

We are confident we can show you exciting new ways to reach your objectives, reduce costs, and communicate effectively with your stakeholders and clients, dans les deux langues officielles. Our work is primarily custom, although we have developed a couple of frameworks (such as our Content Management System) that we maintain and evolve.