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Keywords: Relay Modules

An overview of the PWR Series system.

Provides DMX control for up to 12 PWR Series devices.

DMX controller and 6 dimmers all in one low-cost package.

Dimmer modules for incandescent loads up to 12,000 Watts.

Multiple rated relay modules for all your power switching needs.

Provides zero-cross or peak switching of AC loads.

Extra heavy duty relays rated for millions of operations.

Standard enclosures for up to 6 modules.

Multi-phase load center with overcurent protection and space for 6 modules and 24 control channels.

Provides power and dimming control for "FDB" type fluorescent ballasts.

Provides power and dimming control for 0-12v dimmable electronic fluorescent ballasts.

Provides positive air-gap dimming and switching of practically any 20 amp load.

Design Guide
A guide to specifying a complete system to meet your requirements.

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Keywords: Relay Modules