Advanced Solar Technology by PVML Photovoltaics

By: Pvml Photovoltaics  09-12-2011
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We provide our customers with technical and marketing expertise needed to successfully start and operate a photovoltaic manufacturing business. Detailed planning of your individual system, complete training in process technology, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting is included.

Manufacturing Design for the PV Industry

  • Ingot & Wafer Manufacturing Equipment
  • Fully Automated Solar Cell Lines
  • Semi - Automatic PV Module Lines from 6 MW – 18 MWp/year
  • Automatic PV – Module Lines 30 – 100 MWp/year
  • Inline & offline metrology
  • Know-How Transfer

Our Complete Service Solutions - Helping you Grow:

Maintenance Training Knowledge and method training is provided to maintain equipments according to factory recommendations.
Free of charge
Operator Training Skills and knowledge provided needed to set-up and run the entire line or  specific equipments according to our recommended technique.
Free of charge.
Part Kits for Preventative Maintenance

Pre-packed part kits available to allow a company to perform quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual PMs. Kits tailored to customer requirements.

Savings on parts for annual contracted shipments.
Process Control Consulting

Process consulting services included to enhance your yields. Free of charge.

Site Specification

Site recommendations, preparations, and readiness support available.

This specific service is quoted per event basis if applicable.
Technical Support

5 x 8, 8:00am - 5:00pm EST.

Technical Support Experts available to respond to your equipment and service needs by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Equipment installation quoted per event and travel cost.

Operator and Maintenance basic instruction.

In-stock Parts PVMLphotovoltaics maintains inventory of critical parts to meet operation requirements.

Keywords: Manufacturing