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By: Pure Luminescence  09-12-2011
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At Pure Luminescence Inc. quality is our guideline. We have selected the very best system to utilize solar output for our customers. We use Ontario made solar panels, reliable micro inverter technology, and superior monitoring equipment. We have designed these systems to not only perform during the 20 year period of the contract, but long after as well.



The Micro Inverter is the best thing to happen to the solar industry since the sun. They have countless advantages over string inverters. Pure Luminescence Inc. has chosen to use Micro Inverters over anything else, because they last. When entering a contract for 20 years you want to be certain products will last. A string inverter carries a MTFB (Mean Time before Failure) of 10 – 15 years while our micro inverter is rated MTBF of 331 years. During the contract, systems with string inverters will face replacements and increased periods of failure.

String Inverters Micro Inverters
Limited System Design Endless Design Capabilities
Shading/Performance Issues Parallel Design Eliminates Issues
5 – 10 Year Warranty 15 Year Warranty
Single Point of Failure No Single Point of Failure
Limited Monitoring Capabilities Individual Monitoring Capabilities
Inverter Replacement Time 10 – 15 Years – $800 per kW Life Expectancy of 30 Years
Many Moving Parts No Moving Parts
Operates up to 45° C Operates up to 65° C ( – 45 °C )
600V Passed Through 1 Inverter 600V Divided by the Amount of Inverters
Surge (Lightning) Tested at 2MV Surge (Lightning) Tested at 6MV
10 – 15 MTBF (Meantime Before Failure) 330 MTFB (Meantime Before Failure) Rugged NEMA type 6 Enclosure Rating
Lowest Cost Per Watt Due to the Fact that Enphase Micro Inverters have enhanced Monitoring Capabilities and greater lifetime ratings, for the 20 year contract, they are a superior Investment
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Keywords: Renewable Solar, String Inverter, String Inverters,

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Envoy Communications | Pure Luminescence

Through the Enlighten web interface you are then capable of monitoring and tracking your solar production and discover any potential decreases in your system. String inverter systems are measured at one point, so if you do have a problem, the entire system must be inspected to pinpoint the issue. The Micro Inverters allow us to monitor the panels individually to pinpoint the issue, something string inverters cannot.


Mounting | Pure Luminescence

The wiring all runs in the enclosed ballasted mounts under the panels tied to the racks to be as protected and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Ground Mount Tracker: This racking system is designed to be placed on the ground and support an Array using a dual-axis tracking system. Pitch Roof Flush Mount: This racking is single panel racking made out of durable aluminum for a residential application.


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The panels are made with extra thick protective glass designed to withstand our harsh winter climate.Panels measuring 5 to 5½ feet long by 2½ to 3 feet wide by 1½ inches deep and weigh approximately 30 – 40lbs when installed. The panels follow all the safety guidelines outlined by the ESA and follow all the Feed-In-Tariff guidelines guaranteeing our customers total satisfaction.