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By: Puppy Passions  09-12-2011
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If your dog is showing signs of dog aggression or fear, contact Greg immediately. Do not attempt any methods demonstrated on pop culture dog training television shows that employ the use of alpha dog or pack leader based dominance, fear or intimidation. These methods are certain to escalate the aggressive dog and the dog's aggression and/or fear. 95% of all dog bites are caused by dog fear agression.

Greg Ceci uses positive reinforcement and personalized solutions to rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dogs, and to teach you how to move forward as a benevolent leader.

Greg specializes in dog aggression and fear including, dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, aggressive canine posturing, fear aggression, canine fear and canine leash frustration and aggression.

Greg will visit your home for a one on one, personalized canine training and education session. He’ll teach you how to control an environment to your advantage, set your dog up for success and how to be more patient and consistent with your dog using positive reinforcement training –without the use of corrections or reprimands.

You’ll learn how your dog thinks and how to understand canine body language and communications. You’ll receive accurate information to build a solid human canine trust bond and Greg goes into action as soon as he arrives to demonstrate the power of positive reinforcement training first hand. He’ll also address all undesirable behaviours identified in the evaluation and teach you how to reshape those unwanted behaviours right before your eyes.

Keywords: canine, dog

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