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By: Pumpease  09-12-2011

The Bamboobies Multi Pack consists of 3 pairs of regulars plus 1 pair of overnights sold in a mesh bag to protect them in the wash. Your heart-shaped regulars include either three pairs of pale pink Bamboobies OR one pair each of pale pink, hot pink and black Bamboobies.

I *SO* wish that Bamboobies were available when I had my babies. Unknowingly, I used disposable pads and went through many boxes of them (and I didn't even leak that bad). I met Kerry, the founder of Bamboobies, at a trade show in Las Vegas, and not only are her products terrific - green packaging, fair-wage US production, and sustainable fabrics - so is she!

I love this quote from the Bamboobies website: "Bamboobies have been called the Maserati of nursing pads." For a gal like me that grew up with a "car Dad" and is now married to a "car guy", this really resonates. Think of the most lavish spa/car/house/restaurant/hotel you've ever experienced and that is the way you'll feel when wearing Bamboobies - the ultimate in luxury!

Bamboobies are the smart, eco choice for new moms - either for yourself or as a gift..

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If so, this could temporarily interfere with your letdown, which is of course completely counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve - more milk for your baby. If it hasn't happened to you yet, do you sit in your office, cubicle or elsewhere and worry that it might. Has anyone ever walked-in on you while you were pumping at work. Please Do Not Disturb - MOM at Work.


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PumpEase - Products - Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear

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