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By: Pulsair  09-12-2011
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Tank mixing equipment for liquid blending and tank agitation from Pulsair Systems works by sequentically injecting compressed air or industrial gas into the bottom of a tank or vessel. Our FT controllers are entirely pneumatically operated, and located close to the tanks. Once mixing parameters are set, no further control setting other than turning it on or off are required. Remote control capability for timing functions is available.

Flat Tank (FT) systems are designed to mix tanks of 3,000 gallons or more, and are easily configured to control the mixing requirements for tanks of 1,000,000 gallons or more with the addition of extra injection valves and accumulator plates.

Because FT systems are pneumatically controlled and contain no electrical components, they meet all the requirements for hazardous environments, including Class 1, Division 1 criteria and international IP-65.

Benefits of the Pulsair tank mixing process:

  • Up to 95% more energy efficient than mechanical mixers
  • Vertical mixing process suitable for any size tank or vessel
  • Uniformly mixes 100% of tanks's contents at any liquid level
  • Eliminates need for separate mixing equipment outside the tank (eductors, mud mixers etc)
  • Better tank utilization
  • Improve and helps automate operations
  • Reduce mixing times and eliminates downtime
  • Easily maintains homogeneous mixture and uniform temperature
  • Eliminates need for costly electrical mixers that need to be explosion proof
  • Pulsair industrial mixers will fit any size tank (5 to 5 million gallons)

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Tank Mounted Mixing Products from Pulsair Systems, Inc

Answering the need for a smaller, yet powerful batch mixer, the TM 2000 was developed to provide a self contained mixer for closed or open top containers from 1,000 to 30,000 gallons. It can also be installed to pulse through rail car or tank truck loading arms to increase heat transfer rate, re-suspend solids, or for batch blending.


Portable Mixing Products from Pulsair Systems, Inc

The PTM has proved to be valuable for winery applications such as low shear cap management or blending, working in open top vats and through drain ports. Each unit includes a variable pulse rate controller, filter, regulator, 25' of air hose and a 10" diameter accumulator plate. Built in controls for air pressure and timing sequence provide instant adjustment to overcome stubborn mixing conditions.


Multi Tank Controller | Tank Farm Controller

The Pulsair Programmable Controller is by far the most efficient method yet devised to control the mixing schedule for any number of various sized tanks from one central location, and brings the industrial mixing industry one step closer to full automation. Eliminates need for separate mixing equipment outside the tank (eductors, mud mixers etc.


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Pulsair's IBC mixer is ideal for mixing round and square bulk containers can be adopted to mix the entire contents and corners of intermediate bulk container. Pulsair's Tank Mixer is a versatile liquid mixing system that has efficiently mixed tanks with capacities of over 3 million gallons. Pulsair Systems offers a wide range of liquid mixing and blending equipment designed to meet your mixing and blending requirements.