Alcavis HDC – Maky Dialyzer Reprocessing System

By: Pt. Demka Sakti  09-12-2011

The Maky Dialyzer Reprocessing System has nine (9) operating programs that can be employed as a semiautomatic or completely automated system, linking up to 9 MAKYs together to function in large facilities or centralized reprocessing centers. The programs are “standard, high efficiency and high flux.” Each of those offers an extended cleaning cycle, if it is determined that a dialyzer requires extra effort to clean. The other three (3) programs are available for the medical director to employ as he chooses, but specifically in anticipation of the availability of hemodiafilters, which have a port for fluid replacement, that may require significant alterations in the approach to reprocessing.


  • Aggresive Cleaning Program Eliminates Suplemental Cleaning System
  • 9 Operating Program With 3 of Them being Custom Programs
  • Bar Code Scanner,KeyBoard,Label Printer,And Reports Printer connect to MAKY
  • Completely Automated Without PC Link
  • Instant Reports Available On Screen
  • Can Function as An Automatic reprocessing station
  • Uses peracetic acid,bleach and formaldehyde without dilution
  • Bleach Cleaning Option with “Prefect Partner” Peracidin…
  • Dilution required Only gluteraldehyde
  • Built-In valve diagnotic screen for Troubleshoting
  • Remote Monitoring

Distributed in Indonesia by PT. Demka Sakti.

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