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By: Psicorp  09-12-2011
Keywords: Investigations, Technical Remote Viewing

Technical Remote Viewing is a data collection tool that allows a trained individual to download from the collective unconscious, or Matrix, direct knowledge on any person, place, thing, or event. Because of the universal nature of the Matrix, and its existence outside of space and time, the ways in which Technical Remote Viewing can be applied on a personal, professional, and practical level are virtually limitless. PSICORP specializes in

. Optimum Trajectories are perhaps the most valuable way Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) is used on a practical and personal level. Optimum Trajectories are used to find your ultimate life path. Most of us have at least two paths in our future; the one we are currently on, which is our current trajectory, and our Optimum Trajectory, which is the path that leads us to complete happiness and self fulfillment. In addition to finding your overall optimum life path, Optimum Trajectory sessions can also be specified to find your optimum mate, career, health, education, domicile, or business strategy. Our remote viewers have performed hundreds of optimum trajectories for clients ranging from business owners to engineers to professionals in the fields of science, law, and medicine.

Due to the nature of TRV, PSICORP can also collect data on any target in the private, business, or government sectors. These include, but are not limited to:

PSICORP Personal Services provide unique coaching and personal consultation, with a focus on solving specific individual life problems and revealing optimum future scenarios. The intelligence collection process can zoom in on future events and best path scenarios to help you map out the healthiest and most fulfilling life trajectory. By locating obstacles and revealing the optimum paths that lead to the best life scenario for you, you can finally be on your way to a fulfilling and meaningful life. The services can be broad ranged or focused on a specific area to support life changing decisions, such as career, health, and relationships. Examples of areas where PSICORP's technology can be successfully applied:

  • Spousal/relationship investigations
  • Medical/health problems.
  • Personal problem solving
  • Deep mind probes/physiological investigation
  • Description of the location of a target individual or missing or lost item
  • Optimum career identification
  • Optimum methods for financial security
  • Optimum domicile

PSICORP Corporate Group is a global research and consulting unit specializing in corporate and competitive intelligence projects to help business managers make effective decisions about their current directions, and peer into the future to explore new opportunities in a way that has never been done before. Let PSICORP help you with specific actionable intelligence information on:

  • Scenario planning
  • Acquisition screening
  • Competitor profiles/competitive intelligence
  • New market entry and product development
  • Strategic relationships
  • Risk management
  • Technology acquisition
  • Future trajectory what ifs
  • Optimum strategies for business to maximum profits, increase clientele, and assist in product development
  • Employee investigations relating to embezzlement, fraud, or illicit and illegal activities.
  • Human resource issues
  • Mind probes, intent, and most coveted secrets not found using conventional background check methods

Our government group began with our sister company PSI TECH, which had its beginnings in top secret defense intelligence work during the first Gulf War in 1990. The Pentagon was PSI TECH's first client and was involved in the development of the first generation intelligence technology that we utilize today to access knowledge. TRV was originally created to solve the nation's most difficult intelligence problems. Battle tested under conditions which required military rigor and discipline, and following countless hours of applying the new tool against a wide range of operational and training targets, the techniques became dependable enough to be used in support of life-or-death missions and special operations in which the application of military force was authorized. After being ushered out of the confines of the military and further developed by PSI TECH in the private sector, it has proven to be valuable for all manner of law enforcement and investigative applications. Here are just a few of the intelligence problems that we can help you with:

  • Unsolved cases: helping clients shed new light on old investigations, bringing to the forefront clues that only TRV can provide, uncover new leads, new theories and corroborate or refute existing data already collected by conventional methods
  • Prioritizing known (or discovering previously unknown) threats and problems to help manage resources most efficiently
  • Technology development, energy planning, foreseeing/solving future crisis, resource solutions
  • Homeland security, innovation/solution plans, solutions for distribution of aid, streamlining bureaucracy, strategic intelligence
  • Optimum scenarios/what if scenarios, enemy mind probes, optimum weapons technology, strategic defense planning

Keywords: Investigations, Technical Remote Viewing