M&G Duravent : Ventinox

By: Protech Info  09-12-2011
Keywords: Gas, Stainless Steel, Masonry Chimney

VFT flexible liners are used for upgrading or restoring masonry chimneys that vent Category I natural gas, propane or oil appliances, wood or pellet stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

VG flexible liners are top performers when used to line masonry chimneys venting Category I gas-fired boilers, furnaces, space and water heaters. 

Materials and Construction

VFT Single-wall, .006” 316 stainless steel. Continuous weld delivers a strong, air and water tight flue gas conduit.

VG Single-wall, .006” super-ferritic stainless steel. Continuous weld construction.


VFT 0” clearance to masonry chimney for oil and gas.

With TherMix or ProFoil insulation 0” clearance for solid fuels.

VG 0” clearance to masonry for gas appliances.




UL Listed to UL 1777 and ULC S635 (MH11476).

Keywords: Gas, Masonry Chimney, Stainless Steel,

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