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$500 Grocery Coupon Books

Save $500 on the groceries you already buy!

  • Use our $500 coupon books for your next fundraiser!
  • Get your favorite brand coupons anytime!
  • $500 worth of coupons of your choice!
  • Save up to 50% every time you shop on the brands you already buy!
  • Everybody has to shop, so why not save money!
  • Millions of people across the country use coupons!
  • Manufacturers want you to use them! But why?

1. Manufacturers get you to buy their products.
2. Stores get your business and they are reimbursed
by the manufacturers .

Either way, you win because you bought the product you would
normally purchase, . . . . for less money!

Most people get their coupons from circulars, or from buying newspapers and magazines hoping to find the brands they use. You can spend countless hours locating and clipping coupons and still not obtain all the ones you need. UNTIL NOW!

With our NEW $500 Grocery Coupon Book you can spend as little as 10 minutes to get the coupons you want. Select from over 1000 National Brand Products and order the coupons as you need them. Brand names such as; Crest, Colgate, Kleenex, Ajax, Ivory, Parkay, Kraft, Stouffer's, Heinz, Purina, Del Monte, and the list goes on and on!

These Manufacturers' coupons are the same coupons you see in newspapers & magazines, and they represent cash savings to you. Imagine every time you shop, having a coupon for just about every item you buy.

How Do The Grocery Coupon Books Work?

Inside the Grocery Coupon Book you will find a listing of over 1000 different products that we offer coupons for. You will receive (50) $10 Coupon Vouchers inside the book. On the back of each Voucher are 48 boxes where you write in the numbers for products that you would like to receive coupons for. You will receive around 1-5 coupons for each product selected until the coupon values total $10. Then send the Voucher in and receive your coupons within 14 days. It's very simple and easy!

Grocery coupon books are also a great fundraising idea. They have a universal appeal because EVERYONE BUYS GROCERIES! Plus, anyone who buys a coupon book will actually be saving money. Imagine offering your patrons a $500 value for, say, $30 while you raise up to $28 per book. Raising $5000 was never so easy!

This exciting new book is a $500 Value and retails for $29.95. Your cost direct from us is as low as $2.00 each!

Compare these low prices to other Grocery Coupon Book companies that require you to purchase a large inventory before you can get a price even close to $5.00 per book.

Use Them, or Market Them

Feel free to use our books and enjoy the savings, but the real money is made from selling them. You can retail them for $29.95 each, or you can market them in larger quantities at wholesale. It's up to you!. The best part of these books is that they are generic.

Our main focus is marketing to resellers, and that's why our prices are so low. If you currently market Grocery Coupon Books, we can save you money.

For orders of 10,000 or more, we can have your name, address, or website address branded on each book!

In order to succeed in business, you must offer a quality product at prices equal to or less than your competition. By purchasing directly from us, you can eliminate the middle man, which could mean much more business (and profits) for you!

Books are good in the USA only.

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Keywords: Grocery Coupon Books

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