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By: Prosoco  09-12-2011
Keywords: masonry, Hard Water

Description and use

Sure Klean® 1261 Hard Water Deposit Remover is a strong, concentrated acidic cleaner for dissolving hard-water mineral deposits and other salts on masonry. Hard Water Deposit Remover breaks the bond of these unsightly deposits, which are often impervious to other cleaners, for easy flushing away with a high-pressure water rinse.


  • Easily rids masonry of hard water stains and buildup that most other cleaners can’t touch.
  • Economical concentrate dilutes with at least 2 parts water.
  • Safer than abrasive cleaning.
  • Water rinsable.

Keywords: Hard Water, masonry

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Sure Klean® 101 Lime Solvent is a concentrated acidic cleaner for dark-colored brick and tile surfaces which are not subject to metallic oxidation. Not generally effective in removal of atmospheric stains and black carbon found on older masonry surfaces. Safer than muriatic acid on colored mortar and dark-colored new masonry surfaces. Removes construction dirt and excess mortar with simple cold water rinse.



1261 Hard Water Deposit Remover. 942 Limestone & Marble Cleaner.