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By: Propagandhi  09-12-2011
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i don't endorse violence. i don't think it's the ideal way forward to a better society. i think all sane people would agree. heck, i don't even endorse vandalism in the "service" of social change. i'm conservative that way. but the disproportionate reaction (to the disproportionate mainstream media coverage) to ..

Perusing the tearful replies to reporters questions regarding the BP spill along the US Gulf-Coast, i am confused as to why so many are apparently moved to tears over the polluting of fragile ecosystems. Is it all an elaborate joke? I mean, if people were really concerned about pollution, they ..

A simple reminder that

, no matter how sanctimonious they get over important current events.

Dear Israeli-extremist-apologist-weasels in the Canadian media:

before filing your typical pathetic ass-lickings of Benjamin Netanyahu and the belligerent apartheid state he oozed out of. What's that old saying? "Those who would make peaceful protest impossible will make ..


, can i get off with a "reprimand" too?

Howdy partners. How's it going eh? When Jordy-Boy isn't busy dodging bullets over on Toronto Street, we continue to dig deep down here in the lab, seeking new ways to pound, pummel and otherwise titillate the Propagandhi listening public. In other news, you know that when Gary Coleman going to ..

Got a letter in the mail today that originated from within the walls of the infamous Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. It was from this 23-year old kid named Kevin, who has been locked up for over a year without trial, facing 4 years in a penitentiary ..

Will someone in Ottawa please punch that human slug Lowell Green in the nuts for me? If i hear one more Canadian whine about their commute home being delayed by people desperate to draw even a sliver of attention to a humanitarian catastrophe that we would all otherwise totally ignore, ..

Please, save a turkey the ultimate insult of having to coarse through your rotten, filthy, substandard bowels and then pour out into the toilet the day after Thanksgiving. Thank you. Have a good day. Say "Hello" to your relatives for me.

More pictures of wall street stockbrokers with their heads in their hands. They haven't run enough of those lately. I'm in danger of not feeling bad for them.

The first rule of effective advocacy is to not insult people. So instead of insulting readers with offensive terms like "stupid", "thoughtless", "moronic", "self-absorbed" or "disgusting slob", i will instead smile warmly and encourage people to check out

! Have a nice day and iF ..

Does anybody out there have a video of a Regina thrash/death metal band from the late 80's called Unlawful Assembly? What I'd love to see is the show they played at the CKUR festival that was played on T.V every Wednesday. They were a great band and deserve some glory! ..

Hi there American sisters and brothers! How's it going? I hear you have federal election coming up? Hey, us too! Someday we should have a contest to see whose federal elections are more stilted and vapid. We could get Russia in on it too. It'd be fun! I also hear you crazy ..

Ladies and germs, while the song-writing for our upcoming recording continues at an absolutely frenetic pace, stop for a moment if you will, and lend an ear to your pal and mine William Blum, author of Killing Hope, Rogue State and all-around transnational treasure,


Canada Congo Olympics Aug 31, 2008 By Yves Engler The mainstream media's hypocrisy during the Olympics would have been funny if it weren't so ignorance-producing. So many words written or spoken about human rights violations, lip-synching, suppression of Tibet, taped fireworks, Communist dictatorship, evil Chinese nationalism and yet what about context? Or what ..

I, Todd Kowalski, on the date of Tuesday August 26th, hereby officially register the age old Kowalski Oblique signal passed on from Kowalski to Kowalski as a family heirloom. An inheritance not to be tampered with mocked or repeated in fun or without proper knowledge of it's importance. If you ..

this just in thanks to our man-on-the-street "brett": Fat Mike (of NOFX) in Calgary, AB May 5th after being hit with a shoe: "i come to your city and you throw your sweatshop shoe at me, i'm telling Chris Hannah he's gonna be very upset about this." hahaha well, back to my mattress!

I've never really been a fan of Americana or labor songs per se, but

certainly lived a life worth noting. RIP brutha.

Keywords: Correctional Facility

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