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By: Propagandhi  09-12-2011

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It was cool to see that Egyptian activist

, who you may know from her

urging Egyptians to protest in Tahir Square, was speaking at Occupy Wall Street today.  She's a remarkable person who's earned her place in history by being brave and working towards ..

Hi folks, Here in Winnipeg, we raised some funds earlier this summer to help finance a 10 day delegation visit to Haiti by activists involved with the

Canada-Haiti Action Network (CHAN)

. A set of public meetings across Canada are scheduled to publicize the findings. Our event in Winnipeg will be held ..

Hello fellow inmates of this intergalactic prison colony/ quarantine zone called Earth. How the heck are you? So, we've got a classic good news/ bad news situation on our hands to share with you this fine august day. The bad news is that due to a serious injury, we can't ..

Hello, everybody! How's it going this fine evening? I hope you're enjoying your evening and seasoning it, help other people as much as possible with some levity and common sense, two things that are sorely lacking in the world at the moment. I have one little thing to say tonight: Try to ..

There's a documentary opening in theatres in June this year that Propagandhi makes a brief (and somewhat incidental) appearance in. It is called

and looks like it could be very interesting, especially given the state of the planet ..

Alrighty, peoples! Propagandhi is back in the 'Peg after a whirlwind tour of Australia! Thanks to everyone over there especially Blue Murder, who booked the tour, and the great folks from Stolen Youth who played every show with us. Also thanks to Laura Horvath for making me an awesome vegan cheesecake ..

The other night i spoke with Jamie and Allison from

. They let me ramble on about a bunch of stuff but the real high-light would be that they had

(author of


, ..

Katherine Geeraert contacted us recently from Japan to

to help out her students in Soma, who have been left homeless and without basic resources since the 'quake/tsunami. Katherine says this about the project: My name is Katherine Geeraert, and I ..

If Wab Kinew won't actually do it, then i will goddammit! Actually, no i won't. But

to clean up this filthy town anyways, already being taken seriously in the comments section below it. No surprise there i guess.

While many charities pose as little more than unsightly and foul-smelling band aids for international capital, the solidarity-based internationalist project known as

Partners in Health

is most certainly not of that kind. We're very excited to have the opportunity to host

Donna Barry

, the

Director of Advocacy and Policy for Partners


Secret internal cables released early Monday morning by controversial whistle-blower website Wikileaks, have provoked an unprecedented 694-day debate in Australian Parliament. The cables suggest, contrary to public pronouncements from the Gillard government, that the unbelievably good looking Canadian hard rock band Propagandhi have no time-line for withdrawal from their extremely


Hello friends and neighbours. Please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested: Prairie Artists Against Enbridge

includes some of Canada's finest bands and cultural workers, a governor general's award-winning novelist, and a former Winnipeg Blue Bomber. They all attached their names to a letter, delivered today to ..

Hey Friendly People of Planet Earth, Well, here I am, poor me, dealing with the flu for the 5th consecutive day, in the confines of my poop-bedded (whoops!) home in Winnipeg. The worst illness I've had to confront in 15 years, man-o-man alive, I feel like crap. Sweats, chills, leaking snot, ..

When Jordy-Boy isn't instantly cracking unbelievably expensive 19" crash cymbals here in the basement, he works with the Winnipeg-Haiti Solidarity Group, who are related to the

. Next Thursday, Jan 13th, 7PM, at the Rudolph Rocker Cultural Center at 91 Albert St, 3rd Floor, they are ..


i mixed/ mastered recently for a great band from Long Island NY called

. Cheers to these guys for letting me get in on it!

Today, December 10th, marks the official release of both the incredible

and the

! Joy to the world! The Lord is..come??

As per Znet: Wikileaks began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities.

If you are ..

I think these are only being sold here in Winnipeg for now, but if anyone in town is interested in a great DIY vegan cookbook that, in addition to many other contributors, features recipes from me, Todd, Jord and Beave, check this out:

New Kitchen Traditions

is a Winnipeg-made, vegan cookbook, ..

Wow, it took us 24 years, but we finally did it: we finally got mentioned in the

, which, of couse, like most young bangers relentlessly playing with themselves in the 80's, we have dreamed of since we were kids. But seriously, this is an ..

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Band News « Propagandhi

When Jordy-Boy isn't busy dodging bullets over on Toronto Street, we continue to dig deep down here in the lab, seeking new ways to pound, pummel and otherwise titillate the Propagandhi listening public. So the minute we got back from Best Friends Day in Richmond, we put our noses to the grindstone and got to work on a recording for our side of a dream-come-true split 7" with Canadian thrash legends.