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By: Pronk Technologies  09-12-2011

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Pronk Technologies is pleased to offer calibration service for all SimCube ® models, OX-1 OxSim ® , and SL-8 SimSlim ® . We also offer upgrade services for our customers who wish to add functionality to their SimCube

For a quote or more information on upgrading your SimCube, please call 800-609-9802. 

Please call 800-541-9802 to obtain an RMA # for Service Returns . 

Service Item Number


Price (USD$)

SC-1/3 Upgrade Service

SC-1 to SC-3 Upgrade


SC-1/4 Upgrade Service

SC-1 to SC-4 Upgrade**


SC-1/5 Upgrade Service SC-1 to SC-5 Upgrade** 1200.00

SC-2/4 Upgrade Service

SC-2 to SC-4 Upgrade**


SC-2/5 Upgrade Service SC-2 to SC-5 Upgrade** 900.00

SC-3/4 Upgrade Service

SC-3 to SC-4 Upgrade**


SC-3/5 Upgrade Service

SC-3 to SC-5 Upgrade**


SC-4/5 Upgrade Service

SC-4 to SC-5 Upgrade**


Calibration Service SimCube

SC-1 and SC-3

Full checkout and calibration incl. certification


Calibration Service SimCube

SC-2 and SC-4

Full checkout and calibration incl. certification


Calibration Service SimCube

Full checkout and calibration incl. certification 130.00
Calibration Service OxSim OX-1 Full checkout and calibration incl. certification 100.00

Calibration Service SimSlim SL-8

Full checkout and calibration incl. certification 120.00

Checkout Fee

Checkout and Estimate without Repair



SimCube Rejuvenation Service:

- Complete checkout, calibration and certificate

- Pneumatic assembly replacement

- Replacement of any worn plastic parts as needed

- Bulkhead check and tightening

- Power jack check

- Boot replacement


**Upgrade is for SimCube only and does not include Battery Boost Option or other accessories

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