Taking some of the "chance" out of your chance promotion

By: Promotion Watch  09-12-2011

selection process by the FBI or other police agencies. These agents are familiar with the geography of the area and provide a cost-effective means to handle promotion needs. Promotion Watch agents are trained and provided with comprehensive instructions for each individual promotion. As a result, we're able to reduce many of the potential liabilities inherent with the implementation of a game of chance promotion.

Providing security and accountability is the name of our game. It starts with the planning stage of your promotion and continues throughout the production and the execution of "pre-selected winner" chance promotions. The earlier you get us involved, the better. We have excellent experience and solutions to share.

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Providing peace of mind on the Big Day

Promotion Watch understands the objectives of promotion marketers and takes these matters into account while planning a security solution for an event. First, we conduct an on-site security survey and then develop a comprehensive security plan, which is presented for your approval. Our network includes an international pool of former federal agents and retired law enforcement personnel.


Solving the mystery of prize fulfillment protocol

When your promotion marketing objective includes high-profile media exposure, consumer participation events and/or instant consumer gratification, Promotion Watch can dispatch Prize Notification Teams anywhere in North America to award prizes. After we receive the signed Affidavit, the prize check and a letter congratulating the winner will be promptly delivered.



Our firsthand experience with many new online promotions and game devices uniquely qualifies us to offer solutions for effective chance promotion strategies. The world of online promotions is growing, but there are still anxieties about stepping into the "unknown.. Never fear, Promotion Watch is up to date with the evolving security issues in this dynamic environment.