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By: Promodel  09-12-2011
Keywords: modeling, Flow Systems, Flow Modeling

Building on the foundation of our Simulation Essentials course, this two day course teaches the intermediate modeler advanced modeling techniques such as arrays and external files, simplification techniques, debugging and troubleshooting, logic tips, and subroutines. For the second day, the student will choose four to six modules of more advanced training topics, such as: load and unload, arrival patterns, or AGV concepts. Day One of this course is designed to be universal to all industries (appropriate for ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel users alike). Day Two may contain industry specific techniques, based on your modeling needs.


The course is designed to be an in-depth, two-day course focused on hands-on implementation of advanced modeling techniques. You will learn the techniques and features for modeling a variety of real-world situations through a series of practical exercises, demonstrations, and lectures.


  • Windows Proficiency
  • Successful completion of the Simulation Essentials training course

Course Outline

  • Hands-on modeling
  • Shortcuts and useful commands for building and modifying models
  • Code optimization and flexible modeling
  • Arrays
  • Custom Output Reports
  • Group and Load statements
  • Subroutines
  • Troubleshooting tips and debugging techniques
  • Calendars, Shifts, and Priorities
  • Advanced Resource Controls
  • Optimization
  • ActiveX Overview

Arrival Patterns
External arrival files, random individual arrivals, cycle arrivals, demand driven arrivals, appointment arrivals.

Balking and Reneging
Balking is the action of approaching a line or waiting area and deciding not to get into the line. Reneging is the action of getting out of a queue after waiting for a period of time. Learn techniques for modeling these types of situations.

Continuous flow modeling
Model continuous systems with a discrete event simulator. The basics of how to model continuous flow systems such as petroleum refinement plants, fluid production, or textile production.

Conveyors and Queues
Learn to model specific types of conveyors such as bucket and onboard, and gain more understanding of traditional conveyors. Understand the differences between using queues and conveyors. Includes tips for determining the shortest queue length.


Define bridges, rails, hoists, crane envelope and coordinates. Understand crane priorities.

Keywords: Code Optimization, Continuous Flow Systems, Flow Modeling, Flow Systems, modeling, Troubleshooting Tips,

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