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By: Proliner Utility Products  09-12-2011
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Rubber insulated products have proven to be the most convenient devices for protecting linemen from accidental contact with energized lines. Insulated products are now regarded as an indispensable part of all linemen

Guards and covers are intended for brush contact applications and all can be coupled together to cover any length required. Guards and covers are available in three different grades. Grade 1 with hot stick handles attached for application and removal. Grade 2 with eye fittings for standard shotgun sticks and grade 3 without eye fittings.

Proliner can offer any configuration of grounding and jumper sets depending on each individual grounding application.

When insulated tools and hot sticking is a requirement for your situation, Proliner can offer you an array of products from telescopic sticks, measuring sticks, switch and disconnect sticks, cable and lifting tools, insulated link sticks, shotgun sticks, insulated cable slicers and insulated bolt and cable cutters. Fiber glass cross arms, extension arms and pole mounter conductor supports are also available.

Proliner can offer many different types of linemen belts from fixed D-ring, semi-floating fixed D-ring and full floating belts. Please note belts should be used for work restraint only and can cause severe damage if fallen into. They are not to be used as a fall protection device.

When should you be wearing a harness and lanyard? If you are at risk of falling three meters or more, you should wear the appropriate protection equipment. Your equipment should be inspected daily and defective equipment should be replaced if you doubt the safety of the equipment and refer any questionable defects to a trained inspector. A trained inspector should also inspect the equipment yearly.

Switchboard matting is to be used around electronic and high-voltage apparatus to protect workers from harmful or deadly electrical shock with its ability to insulate against as much as 40,000 volts of electricity.

Proliner manufacturers many styles of specialty bags from large carry bags to small nut and bolt bags. Bags can be made with your company logo and can be constructed to any special requirement. Minimum order quantities may apply.

For protection from the harmful UV rays, biting insect and unwanted germs, Proliner can supply you with a complete line of sunscreen, insect repellent and hand sanitizers. All products come in varying sizes to suit any requirement.

Proliner can offer the necessary equipment and accessories for pole climbing. Climbing equipment should be maintained and regularly inspected before each use. If during the course of inspection, your equipment is found to be defective remove it form service immediately.

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