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By: Profit Tools  09-12-2011

How many times have you or your staff missed a detention authorization or blown an appointment because you got distracted and didn’t notice it, or failed to check back on it in time?  Now (grit your teeth), what did that cost you?  Cut those numbers to zero with Profit Tools Waiting Time Management and Appointment Management, which are built into the Profit Tools Operations module.

Proactive Warnings

Regardless what anyone in the system is working on, Profit Tools monitors every shipment, and flashes an Action Alert to the appropriate staff if a deadline needs attention. With these tools, you can be confident that the opportunity to intervene on an upcoming or ongoing detention or missed appointment will not pass unnoticed.

Ongoing Reminders

If the situation is not immediately resolved, the system continues to monitor it, and will flash an Action Alert again at designated intervals until the driver arrives (in the case of an appointment) or departs (in the case of detention.)

Escalation to Management

You can define what groups of users are alerted at what stage of the process, providing the ability to escalate issues to management automatically.

Tracking of Actions

You can see what actions have been taken and by whom during the process and after-the-fact, so you can answer customer questions or disputes, as well as review staff response to a particular incident.

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