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By: Profit Tools  09-12-2011

The Operations module is the base of Profit Tools trucking software and the heart of the system.  This is where you enter data for your shipments, and once you do, that information is readily available to everyone who needs it in your company.

Plan, Monitor, Lookup

The Operations module has active load boards as well as search functions for finding open or completed shipments.  Ever wish you could instantly find out everything about a shipment using any piece of information about it, whether your load number, all or part of a customer reference number, an equipment number, a move date (or date range), and so on?  The Operations module is your answer.

Capture Data Quickly, Once-and-for-All

Data entry is rapid with the use of shortcuts and templates, and there is never a need to enter the same information more than once.  Want to plan & prioritize better, stay on top of all your deadlines, and not lose track of information along the way? The Operations module has you covered.

Alerts for Waiting Time and Appointments

We get it.  You can’t watch everything at once.  Fortunately, Profit Tools can.   The Operations module has built-in capabilities to tell you when you need to intervene on upcoming detention and appointment situations, before it’s too late.

Spit it out!

You got all that information into the system, the Operations module lets you get it back out, on standard or customized forms like BOL’s, loading and stripping manifests, delivery receipts, and an endless variety of forms and reports.

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Waiting Time Management | Profit Tools

If the situation is not immediately resolved, the system continues to monitor it, and will flash an Action Alert again at designated intervals until the driver arrives or departs. Regardless what anyone in the system is working on, Profit Tools monitors every shipment, and flashes an Action Alert to the appropriate staff if a deadline needs attention.


Order Management | Profit Tools

Profit Tools will even watch your shipments when you’re working on other things, so deadlines like waiting time and appointments, last free dates for container storage and per diem, and container releases and cutoffs don’t get missed. Profit Tools Order Management modules and features make complete and current information about every shipment you’re working on available to everyone in your office who needs it.


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With a proven record among IMC’s and steamship lines Profit Tools can help you add new business from customers who demand the type of information visibility we offer. The service you offer is unique, the value-add you bring to your customers is unmatched, and the way you run your operation is unlike anyone else.