By: Professional Alliance  09-12-2011
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You win because we have the right attitude towards service.  Service is a way to build a business relationship!
Depending on the Concise Vision product, service requirements can be different.

Concise Vision Manager  (CVM)

Patient accounting software, in general, requires more service because industry requirements and patient circumstances constantly change.  CVM is far faster, more robust, flexible and change tolerant than any other patient accounting applications.  CVM customers choose this application because they want the best software and demand the best service.  All CVM updates are included in the service agreement.

Concise Vision Premier

The Concise Vision product normally requires little or no service.  The products self installs and operate in a standard Microsoft Windows environment.  Customers may optionally purchase the annual updates to the applications.  The initial Concise Vision purchase includes telephone service for the application.

Electronic Claims

CVM customers get the best electronic insurance claim service.  CVM customers can pick and choose which claims to send electronically cased on insurance company and the services installed.  Some practices are very judicious about their e-claims while others send everything electronically. The best part of this service has to be that with the one-touch-transmission applications you get — faster claim submission, quick adjudication and timely reporting/payment.

As a Professional Alliance customer, you have the support advantage.  We focus on being the best, not the biggest.  When you begin to use Professional Alliance products, you become an important member of the family.  We want to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.  Our business approach says we become successful by helping you to be more successful.

There has been a major consolidation trend in the health care industry.  Mergers, buyouts, acquisitions and conglomerates generally happen in an effort to build a larger organization, where economy of scale can be achieved.  Large organizations become detached from the customer because many employees never interact with customers.  Customers may not even know the name of the organizational unit, let alone the name of the people, that makes a decision which causes severe issues to them.  When big business talks to one little customer, the customer has no face, and no personal connection or attachment to the voice representing the big business.

We know our customers and they know us - by name, face, voice and personality.  You get better support because we know you and you know us.

We get our new customers just like your practice gets new patients.  We earn an introduction to a new customer by building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the current customers.

Keywords: health care