Print and production management software MIS selection consulting for Printing and Packaging Industry

By: Profectus  09-12-2011

industry. Our proprietary database contains over 100,000 software functions and features available in products covering every aspect of a system; from e-commerce, through order entry, production, JDF, and accounting. This powerful database will help you rapidly find a software solution based on factual data rather than sales hype and emotions.Detail Requirements - One of our senior consultants works with your team to identify and prioritize your business and software requirements referencing our proprietary database of over 1,500 software functions available in systems. Requirements are defined for all aspects of a system:Product Comparison Study- A comprehensive that weighs the capabilities of each product against your requirements.Proposals Review - Interpretation and analysis of vendor proposals with your team to identify the suitable and cost prohibitive products .Product Demonstrations - Our consultants orchestrate and manage the product demos so you receive a good representation of how each product will function in your environment.Demonstration Scripts - Our consultants work with your team to develop detail scripts for the prospective vendors to follow during their onsite demonstration so your team gets a fair comparison of  each product.

Product Evaluation Tools
- We provide your team with numerous evaluation tools designed to help each team member document and track each product’s and make an informed decision.

Unbiased Recommendations
- Profectus is a vendor-independent organization. We do not sell software, develop software, or represent any of the software providers. The products we consider and the recommendations we provide are absolutely unbiased. Contract Negotiations - Our experience with vendor strategies for pricing and working through contract issues can protect your interests, maximize your buying power, lower your investment costs, and can save you costly errors.Return-On-Investment Analysis - Often a return on investment analysis is needed to support the justification and approval of software expenditures. Using your organization's figures, Profectus can prepare a detail report that identifies the potential return-on-investment your company could realize from a system.

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Printing and Packaging Industry Best Business Practices Consulting

All of these solutions have the common objective - to help organizations improve their profits, efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness, and customer relationships.We have created a number of solutions that we continue to enhance and personalize based on the specific needs of our clients.


Printing and Packaging Industry Business and Production Management Software Implementon consulting services

When properly utilized, a business management system will provide generous paybacks to your printing organization by reducing costs, improving productivity, improving customer relations, increasing profits, and empowering your people with timely and useful information.


Lean Printing Office uses Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Best Practices to reduce costs for printing and packaging companies

Kaizen Events are conducted with your team to create Business Process Maps of your administrative workflow including estimating, order entry, finished goods orders, scheduling, purchasing, job costing, invoicing, accounting, and other business processes. Profectus trains your employees on various topics as needed including lean, estimating, customer service, inventory, production, cost accounting, management, and information technology.


MIS Software Consulting for the Printing and Packaging Industry

Information technology is a critical ingredient for maintaining a competitive and successful printing business. Profectus knows how to help printing organizations maximize the value of their IT investment. The risks are higher then ever.