Lean Printing Office uses Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Best Practices to reduce costs for printing and packaging companies

By: Profectus  09-12-2011
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O ne of the most useful and powerful improvement methodologies in the business world today is "Lean Manufacturing". Lean manufacturing is the production of goods using less of everything: less human effort, less waste, less costs, and less production time to manufacture products. Lean manufacturing has become extremely popular in the printing industry as companies continue to find new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and become more competitive. As the name suggests, l ean manufacturing focuses primarily on the manufacturing or production aspects of a business.

Profectus' “Lean Printing Office©” consulting solution leverages lean manufacturing principles to improve the administrative aspects of a printing business.

Profectus’ expert consultants conduct a thorough onsite assessment of your organization, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement a proven methodology that streamlines administrative processes, improves workflow, reduces overhead costs, improves customer service, and increases profitability.

"Your entire order-to-cash cycle is scrutinize including sales, estimating, customer services, order entry, purchasing, inventory, scheduling, invoicing, accounting, and other administrative areas."

Kaizen Events are conducted with your team to create Business Process Maps of your administrative workflow including estimating, order entry, finished goods orders, scheduling, purchasing, job costing, invoicing, accounting, and other business processes.

Based on the comprehensive assessment of your organization, the consultant prepares a confidential Findings and Recommendations Report identifying your organization’s current state, strengths, weaknesses, problems, and opportunities.  Our recommendations are backed by first hand exposure to hundreds of printing organizations and situations, and our extensive industry experience in management, operations, production, technologies, and systems.

A key success factor in Profectus’ deployment of Lean Printing Office, is tailoring the scope of the implementation to address the specific culture, requirements, issues, and realities of each customer. We identify the required improvement tasks, develop an execution plan, set realistic timelines and priorities, and assign tasks to your employees. Profectus trains your employees on various topics as needed including lean, estimating, customer service, inventory, production, cost accounting, management, and information technology.

Lean Printing Office will enhance the activities that bring value to your customers and organization (value added activities) and eliminate unnecessary steps, handoffs, bottlenecks, and labor costs (non-value added activities).

"Organizations have reduced administrative costs by as much as
30% by implementing Lean Printing Office."

Keywords: Lean Printing Office, Printing Organizations,

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