By: Prodesol  09-12-2011

Software as a service (S aa S) Solutions

Eliminate the cost of software maintenance, ongoing operation costs, and support by using Prodesol software as a service delivery option or software    on demand.

Our server based product solution offers you:

    Low cost of ownership

    Very high return on investment

    Quick deployment

    Great flexibility

    Flexibility to accommodate growing number of users, suppliers, clients and products

    Access from anywhere through the Internet

    Better collaboration within a company and with partners, clients and supplier

    Reliable server support 24/7

    Prodesol expertise for support and custom needs

Prodesol offers floating licenses. It means can you can have 5 licenses and 20 users. Only 5 users will use any software at the same time.

Perpetual license is available. You pay once the license (per user) and annual maintenance is priced at 18% of the current perpetual license price. Maintenance is required for the first year and highly recommended afterward (it is required to be eligible for support from Prodesol or it's partners).

Using Prodesol remote server technology, the system is always available on our fully reliable and secure servers. Standard features are:

    Daily backup


    1500 GB bandwidth

    100Mbps Port speed

Onsite server install is also available. It is preferable where internet service is slow and not reliable.

Move to Manufacturing Intelligence.

Get closer to your operations

Automate Data collection

Provide visibility into manufacturing plants and supplier networks in real time.

Adopt analytics and dashboards to present the right data to the right employers at the right time

Integrate plant floor data collection with business system

Leverage Your ERP Investment.

Prodesol SmarteSolutions enables manufacturers to leverage their ERP investment by closing the gap between shop floor operations and the enterprise management. Merging data from shop floor to these systems provides real essential information about such as Manufacturing Order Status, Work in Process Movement and Genealogy, Process and Test Results, Electronic Procedures, and Electronic Signatures, resulting in a complete manufacturing production dashboard. Prodesol’s system makes available all the necessary data to these system.

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Prodesol SmarteSolutions enables the creation, management, and assembly of complex, dynamic, globalized projects across multiple divisions within your company, or across your entire supply chain. It consist of an agenda, a task manager, SmarteManager contacts access and a detailed task time tracking. Every request is evaluated by engineering staff and status is always available on line for the issuers.