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By: Pro Power Canada  09-12-2011
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The Ecolawn top dresser is versatile and easy to operate. This self-propelled, multipurpose top dressing machine can be used to spread a variety of products including: top dressing, compost, organic matter, natural fertilizers, granular lime, and sand. It is reliable, economical, and easy to maintain. When top dressing a lawn, the  Ecolawn Topdresser is considered the best top dresser on the market for residential/commercial use, and will help improve growing conditions.

Watch the EcoLawn Top Dresser in action in this video below!


Originally designed and developed in 1994, the 2010 Ecolawn Topdresser is a multi-purpose motorized applicator specifically manufactured for lawn care professionals and the horticultural services industry.

Ecolawn Top Dresser Design

The Ecolawn Topdresser is based on mechanical systems drawn from much larger top dressers that are used on sports fields and golf courses.

Ease of Operation

At the bottom of the hopper, a conveyor transports product to an agitator where it is broken down into smaller particles. The product is then sent to an adjustable feeding trap where it falls onto a specially designed rotary disk. It is then evenly spread onto the ground in up to a 14-foot swath. Because of this unique, combined system, landscape professionals can spread dry and even wet product containing up to 65% moisture content.

Top Dressing Uses

The Ecolawn Top Dresser has been designed for customized top dressing applications such as the organic restoration of existing turf or dressing newly seeded areas. All mechanical functions such as propulsion, clutch, and calibration of the adjustable feeding hopper are within the operators easy reach. Please note that the application width is not adjustable and is determined by the type of product being used:

  • With organic matter, compost, and customized mixes: from 3 to 12 feet (1 to 4 meters);
  • For granular products such as natural fertilizers and lime: from 3 to 24 feet (1 to 6 meters);
  • For sand and salt: from 3 to 9 feet (1 to 3 meters).

Best on the Market

  • With a stable wheelbase and rear wheel, the Ecolawn Topdresser is easy to control. The top dresser makes effortless 90 and 180 turns around obstacles while trimming along sidewalks and flower beds.
  • With a 34-inch width (86 centimeters), the Ecolawn Topdresser is suited for both residential and commercial use and can handily fit through most standard size gates.
  • Reliable, economical, and easy to maintain, the Ecolawn Topdresser is considered the best top dresser on the market for residential and commercial use.
  • Its versatility and ease of use make it a highly valued piece of equipment for the lawn care professional.



  • Self-propelled by a 5.5 HP Honda engine, with 6:1 gear reduction
  • Polyethylene hopper with 11 cubic feet (.325 cubic meters ) load capacity
  • Rotary disk top dressing device
  • Double-belt conveyor, solid frame, easy access to parts
  • Adjustments designed for simple operation and ease of access

Top Dressing properties

  • Capacity: 11 cubic feet (.325 cubic meters ) per minute
  • Spreading width: from 3 to 24 feet (1 to 6 meters), depending on product
  • Thickness: from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch. (1.25 mm to 5 mm)
  • Top dressing speed: Up to 7 mph (10.5 km/h)

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 34 inches (86 cm)
  • Height: 40 inches (102 cm)
  • Length: 78 inches (1.98 m)
  • Weight empty: 300 pounds (140 kg)

Keywords: lawn care

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