By: Pro Pdr Solutions  09-12-2011

Our Solo Series LED lights are 4 inches wide. They were designed as a super handy door ding light in 12" and 18" and as a cross checker and finish light in 36" and 46" lengths. They come standard with one warm white and one cool white LED strips mounted in the center of the fixture, 

Our Standard Series LED lights are   7 inches wide   and most closely resemble the reflection produced by other fluorescent lamps currently in use. Available accessories include a 110volt transformer and a Wireless Remote switching system.



Our Fathead Series LED lights are 11 inches wide. They were designed primarily for the hail techs that encounter plenty of vans, SUV's and other vehicles with large, long roofs.Positioning the light in front of a roof makes it possible to light up most areas on the panel with no need to move off your work area to adjust your light. Time is money in our business, and this light is designed to save you time!   A WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL with 6 switches is optional with this light.