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By: Pro Hydro-testing  09-12-2011
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With a specially modified mobile testing trailer, we have the ability to do complete testing of cylinders such as SCBAs and breathing air storage cylinders (commonly called "cascade cylinders") at your fire station or business facility. Cylinders will be tested, refilled, and returned to service without the typical wait associated with exchanging and testing a few cylinders at a time.

Testing is done in accordance with DOT specifications with new up-to-date equipment along with water and air temperature monitoring to better control testing conditions. Test records are provided on CD or in printed form to help you maintain your cylinder testing records. As for the next time testing is required, we will keep records of that and contact you in advance so scheduled testing is both timely and convenient.

In addition, we are able to do most other cylinders, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, SCUBA, and more.

Eddy Current Testing

Along with the new Visual Plus 3 equipment, training has been completed, including:

  • Cylinder Requalification Seminar provided by CTC
  • Eddy Current, Visual Cylinder Inspecting, and Valve Repair provided by PSI/PCI

Air Quality Testing

Keywords: Cylinders