Treating Irregular Menstrual Bleeding Patterns with Chinese Medicine - Live Seminar

By: Pro D Seminars  09-12-2011

Those who register for live stream or attend live in-person in Vancouver will have access to the recording for 120 days. We currently do not have permission to sale the recording after the live date so recording only available to those who register for live stream/in-person.

Regulating the menstrual cycle for women is the first task for any practitioner working with fertility and threatened or habitual miscarriage. In fact many other issues effecting women are accompanied by irregular bleeding patterns - problems such as immune disorders, digestive disorders, skin issues etc .

An irregular cycle can mean anything from heavy menses late menstruation to early scanty menses to mid-cycle spotting to amenorrhea. However, what all irregular cycles have in common is women either bleeding in a way she shouldn’t be or not bleeding in the way she should. In fact, many times irregular cycles include both bleeding when she shouldn’t and not bleeding when she should – for example late profuse bleeding or mid-cycle bleeding with scanty menstruation. It can get confusing – do we promote bleeding or stop it?

Using these foundational principles you will learn how to accurately diagnose the root causes of bleeding and not bleeding. Many of these root causes will be new for you and surprise you but without this understanding, many bleeding issues will be untreatable. You will then, not only learn the herbs and formulas for addressing the root cause, you will also learn to understand staging. There are two aspects to staging: the first is staging according the menstrual cycle and the second is staging according to stage the woman is in with the bleeding itself – is she about to bleed? Is she in the midst of bleeding? Just stopping? Has she been weakened by long-term bleeding? Is she bleeding heavily or perhaps lightly but continuously? When is Gui Pi Tang the right formula and when do you need to use carbonized herbs? What about mixed presentations with more than one root cause? Now that the bleeding has stopped, how do you prevent a relapse? There is no such thing as a simple stop bleeding formula and even if your formula address the root cause of the bleeding, it must also address the stage the woman is in.

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