By: Priority Iac  09-12-2011
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Calf GOLD™ — For Healthy Calves™

A calf is born with a sterile gut. Within a short time period a calf is exposed to pathogens during calving, from the colostrum and from the environment. Gastrointestinal infections of newborn calves present a serious problem
to producers.
Exclusive only to Priority Int’l Animal Concepts™, Calf GOLD™ contains live Lactobacillus acidophilus branded strains, and other ingredients that aid in establishing a population of beneficial bacteria to assure the calf is protected from disease-causing pathogens and help establish a functioning rumen.Features and Branded Strains

  • Contains Lactobacillus acidophilus branded strains A4000h™ and A2020™. These are naturally occurring strains of bacteria that function in the rumen and intestinal tract.
    • Demonstrated to play a major role in protecting the animal:
    • from pathogen invasion by producing compounds called bacteriocins that kill or inhibit pathogens
    • by binding to sites on the intestinal wall and preventing the pathogens from binding
  • Also features MOS
    • Mannan Oligosaccharide known to bind pathogens

Additional Benefits

  • Results of studies have shown inhibition of 5 strains of Salmonella and 6 strains of E. coli
  • Synergistic combination of A4000h™, A2020 and MOS to stimulate immune development
    • MOS stimulates antibody production
    • Branded strains A4000h™ and A2020™ stimulate immune development
  • Helps detoxify harmful metabolites
  • Aids in establishing healthy gut microflora
  • Genomic tested bacteria for gut development
  • Scientific strain selection using “cutting edge” DNA technology
  • New molecular-based methods are used to identify (select) strains of bacteria (found in the rumen and/or intestinal tract) that correlate to specific digestive functions in the animal. Then reproduced and fed back in a highly concentrated form. Other unique techniques used in bacteria selection and quality control include:
    • RAPD, Multiplex PCR, DGGE, SSH, Real Time PCR, T-RFLP, FISH, Microarray, Multivariate Statistics/Ordination, Bioinformatics
  • Includes special moisture scavenger agents for moisture control
  • BQS (Quality) certification process:
    • 21-Step QC
    • Just-in-time manufacturing
    • Genetic fingerprinted
    • Purity, count, and genetic tested
    • High temperature stability tested
  • Special barrier packaging for protection and stability of microorganisms
Directions for use: Add Calf GOLD™ to whole milk or milk replacer at the rate of three (3) grams per calf twice per day starting with colostrum through weaning. Cool milk replacer to 120°F (48.89°C) or less before mixing in Calf GOLD™.
Provide fresh clean water to calves at all times.

Keywords: bacteria