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By: Princeton Gamma-tech Instruments  09-12-2011

The CANDU Owners Group Inc. (COG) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing programs for cooperation, mutual assistance and exchange of information for the successful support, development, operation, maintenance and economics of CANDU technology.

For more information or to schedule and appointment during the workshop, please contact: 

Ben Lau | Nuclear Project Manager | Cambridge Office | 1-48 Queen Street East | N3C 2A8 | ) 519.651.2730 x229 | 2 519.651.2730 | *

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Other products and services from Princeton Gamma-tech Instruments


Handheld Radioactive Isotope Identifiers (RIID

Based on our patented QCC technology ™ (Quadratic Compression Converter™) our instruments prove to have the fastest and most sensitive gamma source identication in the industry. The PGT Lite is our most convenient and intuitive radiation detection instrument.


Nuclear Detection

Electronics include complete spectroscopy systems as well as multi-channel analyzer component systems with software for data acquisition and qualitative and quantitative analysis. PGT manufactures hyperpure germanium detectors for gamma ray spectroscopy as well as support electronics and software. Detector styles include P-types, N-types, well counters and low energy detectors.


X-Ray Detection

Our designed incorporate a cryogen free Silicon Drift X-ray Detector, temperature controllers, Multi Channel Analyzers, equipment position controllers and sensors, calibration sources, and spectroscopy analytical software. X-ray fluorescence is the emission of fluorescent secondary X-rays from a material or substance that has been excited by bombarding it with high-energy X-rays.


Multi-Channel Analyzers

This instrument includes the detector bias supply, a high performance analog pulse processor, 8000- or 16,000-channel MCA, and an Ethernet interface. Just connect the detector to the System 8000, and then connect the System 8000 to the PC or network. The System 8000 is a complete spectrometer in a single integrated package.



Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments is a leading supplier of X-ray and Gamma-ray Detectors and Spectroscopy systems, portable Radioisotope Identifiers, and portable Chemical Analyzers. PGT operates a full customer service and Reachback program, backed by a modern manufacturing and service facility. We serve a broad customer base in scientific research, industrial materials analysis, and Home Land Security.