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Primatus is expanding by the minute; we hope to fulfill all your language needs soon. We are currently offering the language combinations of English and Spanish from and to all languages.


Document Translations

Primatus is not interested in translating just words; we translate words, meanings, tones, messages, context, and culture all at the same time. Readers will believe that the translation was originally written in the target language.
We regularly translate documents such as; litigation pleadings, personal records, marketing brochures, manuals, books, presentations, medical documents, insurance documents and many more.

Website Translations

The Internet has made our world smaller, and opened doors for many businesses, due to this we offer translations of website content.

Software Translations

For your clients to sell software outside of the United States they need to be culturally adapted to the target language. We provide software content translations that will enable the software to be understood and used in different languages.

Transcript Translations

In today's dynamic world your clients may need transcriptions of conversations, meetings, conferences, videos, news. We transcribe oral sources for clients that need documentation of them. Once transcribed we also offer the translation of said.


Behind every translations there is editing. Editing is crucial to any translation; it is there to make sure the correct use of language, grammar, terminology and accurate translation was made. In some cases when the project is large and coming from many translators it is essential for editing to take place. We offer editing of any translation.


We offer to proofread any translation or document written in the original or targeted language. It is often necessary to have an objective view of a translation. This is the final stage of the translation process. The proofreader will read through the document and ensure that it flows nicely.  

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Keywords: Target Language, Translations