By: Prevention Works  09-12-2011
Keywords: injury prevention, workstation, Ergonomic Assessment

Functional Capacity Evaluation Included A comprehensive assessment that provides an objective overview of the abilities and consistency of effort of a client specific to the body part/mechanism affected by the injury/disease.
Job Specific Evaluation Included A comprehensive evaluation that determines the capability of an injured worker in meeting the physical demand requirements of his/her job. A physical demands analysis must be provided.
Retest Included A second evaluation of the same job for another worker.
Pre-Employment Screening Included An assessment that is based on the critical demands of a specific job. This test can help identify if employee candidates are capable of performing the necessary duties of a specific job.
Physical Demands Analysis Included An objective examination of the physical demands involved in performing the essential duties of a specific job/task.
Injury Prevention Seminars Not Included Seminars aimed at educating an unlimited number of employees regarding injury prevention topics of choice.
Train the Trainer Workshops Not Included Workshops designed at training managers, supervisors and/or employee representatives on how to educate employees on various ergonomic topics related to injury prevention.
Work Station Analysis Included An ergonomic assessment of a workstation.
Work Site Analysis Included An ergonomic assessment of multiple workstations.
Return to Work Facilitation Included The monitoring and progression of the return to work process of an injured worker. Service includes a workstation assessment and, if applicable, a graduated return to work plan. Includes a follow-up visit.

Keywords: Ergonomic Assessment, Injured Worker, injury prevention, Injury Prevention Topics, workstation,