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By: Preston Insulation  09-12-2011
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Insulation Batts are made up of extremely fine glass fibers called fiberglass. It is one of the most commonly used forms of insulation. Batts are pre-cut panels of insulation and are available in a variety of lengths, widths and R-values. R-value means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Different R-values are required for different areas in your home. R-values range from R-8 to R-38. Preston Insulation carries a wide variety of widths and values that are not carried in home improvement stores, which enable us to complete any job more efficiently.

QuietZone® Noise Control Batts are offered by Preston Insulation
and are usually the most inexpensive part of an insulation job
with the greatest benefit. They are acoustically engineered to
absorb sound vibrations within the wall cavity to control noise
in the home. They can be installed between interior walls, floors
and ceilings.

You should never underestimate the value of a quiet home. Noise can affect everything from a child trying to study quietly while you're watching your favorite movie in the other room, to hearing your neighbor blast their television while you're trying to sleep. Have one of our professionals meet with you to see where noise can be eliminated in your home.

Keywords: home improvement, Insulation

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Tucson Insulation Installation | Preston Insulation

It also makes your home more comfortable by helping maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house, not just right by your vents. Insulation in your home plays a very important role in not only your home?s efficiency but the environment as well. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes and structures. It helps save you money.


Tucson Firestop | Firestop Insulation

Our extensive experience will keep your facility compliant with OSHA, DFS, JACHO, local building codes, inspectors, fire marshals and insurance carriers. Preston Insulation offers a wide variety of firestop services that are customized to your specific needs. Our certified firestop professionals inspect and eliminate fire safety violations. Fire Stopping products help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes.


Tucson Attic Insulation | Attic Insulation Installation

With the recent sharp increases in the cost of heating and cooling homes, many people are asking how they can make their homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and save on their energy bills. While many people are familiar with Batt insulation, Attic Blown-In insulation is becoming more popular every year. We have helped thousands of home owners reduce their utility costs as well as make their homes more comfortable.


Tucson Blown In Insulation | Blown In Insulation Installation

Not only will it reduce your monthly utility bills but you can take advantage of the rebates and tax credits from the utility companies and the federal government. Spray Applied Cellulose is different because the celluloseis mixed with a latex adhesive, misted with water to activate theglue, and blown into wall cavities.


Tucson Insulation Removal | Insulation Removal Service

When this happens, you may need elimination of the rodent or animal infestation; a removal of insulation, vapor barrier, other materials and carcasses, odor control, sanitizing, ventilation, and an install of new insulation & vapor barrier, or other materials. Sometimes it?s a home improvement project that warrants removing and replacing the insulation in an attic or crawl space.


Tucson Radiant Barrier Insulation | Preston Insulation

Radiant Barriers are a high performance insulation product that saves energy and improves the comfort in your home or building. The unique multi-layer design of radiant barriers reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. It has multiple layers of aluminum which separate when installed to form an enclosed airspace. Typical applications include roof rafters and walls.