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By: Prescriptive Music  09-12-2011
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Like people, every brand has its own associated personality. We believe that nothing is better at defining dimension to a brand’s vibe than MUSIC. The key to a successful project is the music programming; matching your brand’s vibe with the right artists and songs to best capture your audience while elevating and enhancing your brand’s image. We have become known for our unique capabilities to craft customized media solutions for every client, large or small, both efficiently and cost effectively. With access to all five major labels and the major independents, our music team scours the best music of today and yesterday to deliver the finest custom programming options.
By offering the finest music and video programming, quality assured sound and video system solutions, and over-the-top service, we have become the creative experts that our clients have come to rely on. Our focus on customer service means our clients and their customers share an experience that creates an individual vibe.

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Our Custom Background Music Solutions

The CobraNet® enabled MUSICbox, by PCM Technologies, is designed specifically for properties that utilize a CobraNet®Head End and distribution system. With MUSICbox, any zone can be assigned to any location on the network.
The CobraNet® enabled MUSICbox is the only music service that outputs up to 64 independent sound environments directly over CobraNet® from one 3U Rack Mount System with true 100% digital sound directly into the CobraNet® network. Large properties now have complete control of their music ambiance over distinct sound zones from one box. CobraNet® enabled MUSICbox is currently being used in high profile hotels, casinos and theme parks across North America.

Our music solutions can be completely automated; everything from downloading new music to programming music for special occasions. It is the most versatile system available. Every song is normalized, so that they play at the exact same volume level, regardless of the original recording. With some businesses, multiple genres of music are needed for particular areas of the property. For example, you can be playing a cool chill vibe in your lobby, classic rock in your bar and message on hold for your phone system, all at the same time, from one system. We make sure only approved music is being played by restricting access to users of your choosing. You can restrict users from playing a particular song or nay of the features on the system, so you can rest assured, even when you’re not there, that music being played is the music you approved. You can now sort your music by BPM. You can play music with a fast BPM to get your customers pumped, or music with a slow BPM to relax and/or slow down your clientele. You have total control of the energy of your music. We offer multiple interfaces that allow you to use LCDs to enhance your vibe. You can have the "Now Playing" Album cover displayed on the monitor while the song is playing in the background. With the correct integration and programming, you could show the Now Playing information along with your company logos and information on the display; Great for marketing and customer interaction. With the Special Event Scheduler you can schedule a song or promotion to play at a specific minute, ten years from now. Anticipate special events, holidays and staff functions/gatherings, by scheduling the right ambiance for each event. Additionally, you can set up a promotion to play on the first Monday of every month, for example. You now have total control over your scheduler anytime, anywhere. Prescriptive Music works with you to enhance your marketing message. Any of our music systems allow you to play your own promotional messages along with the music. This is an easy solution for all of your messaging needs.

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