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By: Premier Total Home  09-12-2011
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Soffit, Fascia, and Eaves Trough: The aluminum facings around your home have a very specific and important function. They prevent access to your attic by woodland critters, allow air into the attic to vent the heat generated by the sun, and control the rainwater that flows off your roof so that it does not enter your basement. There are a multitude of colours to choose from. Older homes – 25 yr.+ - most likely have wood Soffit, normally with less than adequate venting. Every piece of aluminum soffit is vented to ensure the proper amount of airflow. Airflow into the attic (open Soffit Vents) is critical. It allows the proper venting of sun generated heat to escape, provided there is the proper number of exhaust vents at the top of the roof, with airflow access between them. If there is no airflow, the attic would become unbearably hot, the shingles would bake, and the heat would be driven down into the house, increasing the house temperature and causing the air conditioner to work more that it should, which costs you money. Installing the insulation properly is of extreme importance here, because everything depends on air movement. Insulation is meant to block heat movement from happening, Heat in (Winter) Heat out (Summer), but improperly installed, it will prevent the airflow that is essential to a healthy roof system. Bathroom exhaust fans MUST NOT vent into the attic. This is the perfect environment for mold growth, and this is something that is easy to rectify, as long as mold growth has yet to start.

The fascia covers the ends of the rafters, preventing the influx of critters, provides an anchoring point for the eaves trough, and is the least visible of the three pieces. The most visible, and often the biggest problem is the eaves trough. Properly installed, it will capture most of the rain that drops on your house and carry it away to a point where it will not seep into the basement. Proper installation is very important to prevent leaks. Few things are as aggravating around your house as a leaking eaves trough {called gutters in the U.S.}. Premier prides itself in the effort taken by the aluminum crews to provide the best possible look and functionality in all of their projects. Aluminum installations normally happen after the roof has been replaced, at times when both need to be done. It's like painting a flagpole, start at the top and work your way down.

Keywords: Aluminum

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