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Types of Drug Tests

The five primary types of drug testing are listed below:

Pre-Employment Drug Tests

are drug screens which are done as a condition for hiring. An applicant must pass the drug screen before they officially become an employee. Sometimes these tests are done prior to the offer. Other times they are done shortly after they begin working.

Post Accident Drug Tests

are drug screens completed immediately after an on-the-job vehicular or non-vehicular accident.

For-Cause Drug Tests

occur when a supervisor observes behaviors that may indicate drug use. These behaviors are predefined in the company Drug Free Workplace policy.

Random Drug Tests

are unannounced drug screens where employees are selected in a neutral fashion. Often, these tests include a group of employees such as drivers, operators of heavy equipment, a specific division, or the entire organization.

Follow-Up Drug Tests

are drug screens used to monitor an employee after he or she has been found to use drugs and has been referred to an Employee Assistance Program. 

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The process of providing a comprehensive drug and alcohol-testing program consists of a number of key elements. The first of these is to work with the company to determine their specific needs related to testing, data reporting and billing. Once these issues are defined, Precision Screening provides the necessary training for the company's supervisors and other key members of management. Employees are provided with educational materials related to drug abuse and alcohol misuse.

Once this training and education has occurred, the actual testing can begin.

Precision Screening

will coordinate the program starting with on-site collection of the urine specimen and/or the breath alcohol test, testing at a certified laboratory, review by a Medical Review Officer, followed by reporting and billing cycles. A team of trained specialists oversee the entire program. 

Collection Sites

Precision Screening offers a national network of collection sites.  However, on-site specimen collection is available upon request and all collections are overseen by a team of trained specialists with the highest degree of confidentiality maintained. 

Testing Laboratories

All initial and confirmatory testing will be performed by a SAMSHA certified laboratory. 

Medical Review Officer

Precision Screening has two Medical Review Officers on staff whom are both highly trained in substance abuse and screening procedures. 

Management of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Precision Screening provides database management of all drug and alcohol test results in addition to performing the random selections as required.   Test results are reported according to client specific requirements. All records are maintained by Precision Screening on comprehensive web based software. The entire management program is overseen by the Medical Review Officers who are also available to consult with clients in areas related to procedures, regulatory requirements and handling of employee problems and concerns. 


Precision Screening believes that in order to successfully establish an effective Drug and Alcohol prevention strategy in the workplace, the employer must first provide its employees and supervisors with a comprehensive drug abuse and alcohol misuse education program plus specific training for all supervisors. The Precision Screening plan consists of two training modules.

The first module provides all supervisors with training that ensures they have the necessary tools required in order to react to and control a drug or alcohol crisis (observed use or sale of drugs or alcohol, erratic behavior, discovery of drug paraphernalia).

The second module provides education for the client's employees. This education includes information on common illegal and misused prescription drugs encountered in the workplace, basic issues related to drug abuse as well as the dangers of alcohol misuse.

Completion of each training module is tracked and reported by

Precision Screening

so that each client is aware of which supervisors and employees participated and completed the training sessions. 


Precision Screening provides clients with real time access to drug test results and the status of all employees in drug and alcohol testing pools. Leveraging the power of the Internet, Precision Screening has an easy-to-use, completely secure and confidential web site allowing its clients unlimited 24 hour access to their data.  This Web Based Reporting module is located at


Precision Screening

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