Rapid response prototyping | Precision MicroFab

By: Precision Microfab  09-12-2011

We understand that you are facing tight deadlines as part of the product development cycle. We can build your micro device in a fraction of the time and price of traditional photolithographic techniques.

Your request will get prompt attention from the moment it’s received. To expedite the quotation process, please send the following information:

  • Part drawing with dimensional tolerances, inspection points, and material specification. We accept DXF and DWG and other industry standard drawing and model formats.
  • Production quantities and deadlines
  • Any special handling and packaging requirements

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Micro-manufacturing systems | Precision MicroFab

Control software built exclusively for laser micromachining with integrated video, machine vision tools, on-screen metrology, automated laser control, I/O status, motion editing, drawing conversion and much more. A country’s ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker.


Intelligent solutions to your micro-design challenges

We design for manufacturability from the ground up, shortening the design cycle and getting the parts and devices you need faster than you thought possible. If you are ready to manufacture your part, Precision MicroFab is a valuable resource with scalable, just-in-time micro-manufacturing services. Whether you have a napkin sketch, complete design documents, or just a problem to solve, Precision MicroFab can help.


Bridging the gap between concept and prototype

Precision MicroFab can help you bridge that gap and accelerate through the design cycle with our best-in -class consulting services. Rather than design something that cannot be built, we design for manufacturability from the ground up. You have a challenge in the micro-world, and Precision MicroFab is here to solve it. There is an enormous gap between concept and prototype.


Micro-manufacturing and inspection | Precision MicroFab

Once you are ready for full scale production, take advantage of Precision MicroFab’s micro-manufacturing and inspection resources. We are a reliable and trustworthy primary source, allowing you to minimize overhead and reduce capital expenditures. We can also handle overflow when demand exceeds your capacity.