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By: Precheck  09-12-2011
Keywords: background checks, Patient Safety, Healthcare Facilities

You want to give your students every edge you can. Make sure your best and brightest meet the standards and qualifications of the healthcare facilities that might hire them, before the hiring even begins.

Meeting requirements

Clinical education programs provide vital hands-on experiences for students as they advance in their education. These students are involved in patient contact and should be held to the same standards of patient safety as would any hospital employee. Many clinical sites now require background checks for healthcare students rotating through their education program due to patient safety standards and Joint Commission guidelines.

Healthcare facilities requiring background checks for their clinical students must work with the educational institutions to ensure that students meet this requirement. The coordination of this requirement can be challenging and time consuming for all parties.

Assigning appropriate responsibility

StudentCheck is a fully integrated web-based solution that connects the clinical site, the school and the student so that the background check requirement is easily managed. StudentCheck assures that the various responsibilities of the background check requirement are appropriately handled.

No cost to your organization

Online benefits and services

  • Students easily order and pay for their background check
  • Schools assign each student to one or more clinical programs to allow the clinical site to review the background reports
  • Schools monitor the student orders to assure student compliance and clinical sites’ decisions of eligibility based on the background report
  • Clinical sites review the background report of each assigned student to decide eligibility for their program
  • PreCheck handles all federal Adverse Action requirements for the healthcare facility if the facility decides to exclude a student based on their background report
  • StudentCheck charges the student a flat fee for the background check with absolutely no hidden costs

The added benefit of drug screening

Drug screening is becoming an important part of the student background check process to avoid potential liabilities. For schools and clinical sites, administering drug screening for students from multiple locations or large metropolitan areas can be overwhelming. PreCheck offers a comprehensive solution for drug screening and acts as a third-party administrator that handles all of the details for the drugscreening program. StudentCheck offers packages that allow students to order and pay for drug screening along with their background check. With more than 10,000 collection sites nationwide, StudentCheck ensures that a student can find a lab nearby.

Keywords: background checks, Drug Screening, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Facility, Patient Safety

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