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By: Precheck  09-12-2011
Keywords: Patient Safety, Healthcare Facilities

With all your other responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook something as fundamental as keeping staff licenses current. Don’t. Especially when you see how simple and secure it is to outsource it with CredentCheck.

The licensing issue

The Joint Commission requires that healthcare facilities’ licenses are current and verified with the primary sources. Guidelines also demand that the proper license is held to meet each set job requirement. Managing the multitude of professional licenses of a large hospital staff can be extremely challenging. And mistakes are easily made, which can result in costly and risky issues with accreditation and public relations. PreCheck sampled several hospitals and reviewed their license management practices. PreCheck discovered license inaccuracies ranging from 12% to 80%, including expired licenses, incorrect expiration dates, and incorrect data. PreCheck also found licenses that did not match job requirements and facilities that did not properly document the verifications. The Joint Commission requires that healthcare facilities keep track of their licensed staff and maintain compliance 100% of the time to be an accredited institution. If an auditor visited your facility today, are you confident that you would be compliant?

Maintain compliance

CredentCheck, a complete, secure, webbased outsourcing solution by PreCheck, makes sure that healthcare staff licenses are up to date and meet all state and federal requirements and standards. CredentCheck helps your facility establish the very best practices to ensure patient safety by monitoring and verifying licenses and certification credentials. The Joint Commission’s goal is to reduce the risk of fraudulent credentials and, under Standard HR. 1.20 EP3, requires facilities to verify licenses with the primary source at the time of hire and upon expiration.

Save time and internal resources

CredentCheck relieves your staff of the timeconsuming and often tedious task of tracking the authenticity and status of hundreds of licenses. CredentCheck investigates and tracks any board actions and reduces your risks against patient lawsuits and loss of accreditation, protecting your reputation in your community.

Assurance features

CredentCheck provides a range of timesaving and key features:

  • Complete outsourcing of license and certification credentialing
  • Customized expiration notification letters and license deficiency notices
  • Year-round monitoring and notification of board actions
  • Documentation to meet state and Joint Commission requirements
  • Customizable system management tools and reports
  • Convenient, secure 24/7 web-based access hosted by PreCheck
  • Secure electronic document transmission and storage
  • Highest quality monitoring techniques, including primary source verification, routine quality assurance, dual credentialing process, and supervision by PreCheck’s licensed Credentialing Specialist
  • Onsite training for all users
  • Management of non-credential certifications

Keywords: Healthcare Facilities, Patient Safety

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