EmployCheck - Simple employment verification

By: Precheck  09-12-2011

Give lenders, bankers and employees easy and secure access to employment and salary histories without taking time away from your other responsibilities. Outsource with EmployCheck.

A time-consuming task

Verifying employment and salary history for employees applying for loans, mortgages or other transactions is your responsibility as an employer. But the task also represents a growing, unpredictable and virtually unquantifiable workload for your organization.

Less work for you

EmployCheck from PreCheck can help. Our secure, automated system enables you to outsource this responsibility, freeing up valuable internal resources in your HR, payroll or medical staffing groups.

Better service for your employees

With its speed, accuracy and security, EmployCheck provides a higher level of service to meet the needs of your current and former employees. Employees personally authorize the release of salary information, and can track the progress of any requested verifications. The Internet-based, database driven system can deliver the required information far more quickly, speeding up the approvals your employees need for loan or mortgage applications, apartment rentals, and other important transactions. This is a level of service that is simply not achievable today using the conventional methods.

No cost to your organization

There is no cost to your organization – or to your employees – for joining or using EmployCheck. Verifiers pay a nominal fee for any employment or salary verifications they request, and they save time and effort as well because of the system’s speed, accuracy and consistently formatted results.


  • Accessible – available online 24 hours a day
  • Accurate – information comes from your company records, and is delivered in a format that meets the needs of verifiers. Since the system is automated, the chance for human error is drastically reduced.
  • Cost-effective – eliminates repetitive, low-payback workload for the responsible department
  • Fast – information is available in minutes to support the needs of your current and former employees
  • Secure – both employers and verifiers must be registered, and employees must personally authorize the delivery of salary information
  • Trackable – audit trail is provided

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