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First Flight Lesson:                            $75                           1-1/2 hrs+   (2 people maximum)
This includes learning how to pick a site, wind & weather basics, terminology, safely set up, launch, fly, land & pack down trainer kite. You should qualify as an entry Level 2 snowkiter by the end of this lesson. Snow Kite Lesson:                              $175                          3 hrs+   (2 people maximum)This is a progression from the First Flight Lesson; you must be proficient flying the trainer kite to move on to this lesson. You will learn more terminology, how to safely setup, launch, fly & land a full size, de-powerable kite, learn how to deploy the safety systems, recover & re-launch, how to use the kite to pull you and how to go upwind & down wind in both directions, hand signals and right of way rules. You should qualify as an entry Level 3 snowkiter by the end of this lesson.

All Inclusive Lesson:                           $250                           5 hrs+ This can be done in one day, but is better to spread out over two. It is an all inclusive lesson that takes a new student from first flight all the way to a mid Level 3 kiter. It involves everything from the first two lesson plans with the addition of more time spent mastering the skills & working toward becoming a fully independent & safe snowkiter.

Private Lessons:                                   $75 per hour             (2 hrs minimum)This is for snowkiters that have achieved an independent snowkiter status, but are looking for coaching to improve skills or learn new ones. IKO Certification Levels:
To view the certification levels go to  under “Learn” & then “Start Snowkiting” IKO Kiteboarder Card:
When you decide that you have completed your training or achieved your goals the instructor will issue a valid Kiteboarder Card that certifies you up to the level that you have attained according to IKO snowkiter standards. You may wish to further your training at a later date and a new card will be issued at that time. Gear For Training:
We provide the kites harness and helmet for the training, students must bring their own skis or snowboard for the Snow Kite Lesson.  If you already own a kite, we can inspect it, set it up & fly it or answer your questions about it.What To Wear:
Dress for the weather conditions of the day, the same as you would if you were going to the ski hill.  Wearing layers is best if weather conditions change.About The Lesson:
All students MUST pay for the lesson in advance or before the lesson starts.  All new students MUST sign a "Release, Waiver And Assumption Of Risk Agreement." before any lessons will commence.The instructor will make the final call on or before the day of the lesson if the lesson needs to be re-scheduled based on bad weather, high wind or gusty conditions.  Contact the instructor at least one hour before the scheduled lesson if you have any questions.


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Keywords: Weather