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By: Positive Lifestyles  09-12-2011
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WOW! Weight Loss is a unique and effective fat loss program that was created by a team of highly experienced nutritionists who believe that health and fat loss should be your primary goals. When the body is out of whack, when hormones are imbalanced and when you are overweight, you are not healthy or happy.WOW! Weight Loss provides you with a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that promotes hormonal balance, fat loss and improved body composition. A large part of WOW! Weight Loss is education-based in order to teach you the practical skills you need to make balanced nutrition choices and to exercise effectively and efficiently. While you are learning new ways of exercising and integrating new nutrition and lifestyle habits, you are creating the healthy and happy person you have always wanted to be.

WOW! Weight Loss Fundamentals:

Knowledge: Permanent weight loss and lasting health starts with the knowledge to make informed decisions that impact you every day.

Balanced Eating: Balanced eating habits have a direct influence on your hormones, insulin production, body composition and disease prevention.

Regular Exercise: A quality and efficient exercise program consisting of aerobic, resistance training and flexibility exercises have been shown to help maintain weight, balance hormones, reverse insulin resistance, increase vitality, increase bone density, improve body composition and reduce the risk of disease.

Appropriate Nutritional Supplementation: Incorporating targeted nutrients that help to balance hormones and to support your body to achieve your weight loss goal is essential.

What You Will Learn at WOW! Weight Loss:

How to:

  • Detoxify your body to rid yourself of all the toxic agents you have built up over the years
  • Balance and optimize all the hormones that are necessary for weight loss
  • Create an optimal body composition – lose fat and gain muscle
  • Increase your metabolic rate so that is works for you and not against you
  • Make informed food choices that are truly healthy for you and not just a marketing scam
  • Avoid the foods and habits that trigger hormonal imbalance and weight gain
  • Cook quick and healthy balanced meals on a budget
  • Include stress-coping techniques that keep hormones in check
  • Identify the correct type of supplementation for your individual needs
  • Exercise efficiently to help maintain weight and improve lean muscle mass
  • Dramatically increase energy levels and potentially lengthen your life by many years

Fat Loss

WOW! Weight Loss guarantees that you lose 1-2lbs of fat per week provided you follow the program and our suggestions. During this phase, our nutritionists will determine the appropriate caloric range your metabolism requires to lose fat and create the ratio of where those calories will be coming from. This is what balanced eating is all about. A calorie is not just a calorie. Hormonal balance and lasting fat loss requires that you eat frequent balanced meals. You will be educated on how many calories to eat from the 3 macronutrient groups (carbohydrates, protein and fats). You will learn what food choices promote hormonal balance and fat loss. By the time you are done losing fat, you will be able to teach the secrets of fat loss yourself. This phase also emphasizes exercise and provides you with monthly plans and exercise descriptions. Although nutrition is paramount to fat loss, efficient exercise is also required to help ramp up your metabolism and to help you increase lean muscle mass.


During stabilization, the most important phase, your coach will determine how many calories and the ratio of the 3 macronutrients your metabolism requires to stabilize your weight. Other programs take you from weight loss to maintenance but never take the time to figure out exactly what your body needs in order to maintain your weight. We take out the guessing and spend 6 weeks slowly adding calories and treat foods back into your diet to ensure your weight stays stabilized.


Once you have achieved your goal weight and are in a quality state of health, we want you to stay there- FOREVER! We understand and recognize that it is very easy to fall back into old habits and throw all that hard work out the window. At WOW! Weight Loss, we want to support you until we feel you are ready to venture out on your own. The maintenance phase usually lasts around 6-8 weeks. Throughout this phase, we continue with the weekly consultations to ensure that you are able to easily maintain your weight. If we see that your weight is slowly creeping up again and you are starting to feel out of balance, we adjust your nutrition and exercise plan accordingly.

Keywords: exercise, Fat Loss, Hormones, Nutrition, Weight Loss

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