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My Services
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Portraits At Home:

Whether you're a single person, like myself, or a family of 20 (or more), everyone should get nice portraits done once in a while to have photos to share with others, and proudly display in your home or office. What better place to get portraits done than at a place of your choosing? Here are just a few good reasons:
- easier for everyone to be together
- everyone is more at ease (big advantage with young ones)
- pets can be included in the photos
- quick access to a change of clothing (if needed and done at your home)
- no travel time for you (if at your home)
- no waiting your turn in a lineupI can give you professionally taken casual portraits or professional portraits (backdrop and all). Photos can be taken in your home, outside, at a nearby park, or wherever you want them taken, as long as it's allowed. If you have pets, they can even be in the shots as long as they are allowed. For professional portraits in your home, I need a clear area of at least 8' by 10', preferably 10' by 12', more for bigger groups. The Procedure..
Step 1 - For most portrait sessions, I will meet you at the place you want the pictures taken to go over what we are doing, and to see where we are shooting, to prepare for the actual photo shoot. We will then set up the time and day for the shoot, sign the contract, and I will ask you for a deposit.
Step 2 - I will then meet you at that location at the time and day specified, get set up, and take pictures. At this time you will pay the balance for the photo shoot.
Step 3 - Once the photos are ready, I will send you, or drop off, proofs to look at. You then take your time and decide which ones you want prints from and what sizes you want. You will get a photo album of 4x6 prints which you can choose to keep for a small fee.
Step 4 - Once you know what you want, you let me know, and I will then digitize (scan) the selected negatives, do any editing needed or desired, then get your prints and enlargements professionally printed. A 50% deposit will be required for print orders over $100.
Step 5 - I will deliver your prints and enlargements and collect payment for them. You can order more prints any time in the future. You can also order low resolution digital images of some or all of the photos taken any time you want, and you will be able to order high resolution ones 6 months after the photo shoot. One year after the photo shoot, you will have the option to buy the original negatives. The Pricing..
For pricing, see the . The Legalities..
For legal matters, see the .

Other Services I Can Do For You

- prices below do not include the final prints -


Want pro photos, but can't afford pro prices?
I don't have the experience in wedding photography as the pros, yet, but I do have the knowledge, so if someone can't afford the pro rates, but wants pro pictures, I can provide the services needed. I have photographed 2 wedding professionally so far and the customers were happy with the results. One was just the wedding itself and a few pictures after. For the other one, I spent most of the day working with them, taking pictures at the bride and groom's homes, then the wedding, then the reception.
For the next 3 weddings only, I can give professional photos at non-professional prices.
Just the wedding itself - $125 (up to 3 rolls of film)
The whole day - $295 (up to 6 rolls of film)Portfolios:Need photos to show your potential to someone?
For modeling, or any other situation where you need to present yourself to someone photographically, a good portfolio can make a big difference. I can take just a few pictures, or many of a wide variety, and the cost won't scare you.
1 hour of shooting (up to 3 rolls of film) for just $95

School Photos:Record important times and events for your kids to show their kids some day.
graduation, performances, games, awards, anything you want to capture Sports Events:Hitting the ball, crossing the finish line, doing a salchow - capture it forever.
baseball, football, bowling, figure skating, racing, anything - young or old Church Events:There can be pretty special moments at church that you want to remember.
Christening, Baptism, choir, play, award, anything a photographer is allowed to be at Public Events:Once a year, once a month, or once in a lifetime, record it for memories.
parades, fireworks, rallies, charity or fund-raising events, any community or public activities Newborns:This only happens once in each of your kids lives. Record it professionally.
nice portraits, close-ups, family and group photos, taken with extra special care Pets:Pets can be a very important part of your life too. Do you have good photos of them?
black cats, white dogs, green eyes - it can be tricky to get good photos of pets Insurance:Take pictures of your belongings and store them safely, in case they're needed. Real Estate:Selling your own home? I can help you with pictures that will sell. Surveillance:I can even do this if you want. Photo Retouching / Alteration / Salvation:Have old photos, or photos you want altered somehow? I make a copy of the original and work with it, so your original is not tampered with in any way. If you have pictures or negatives that got stuck together, the best chance of saving them is to let me separate them for you. Learn Basic Photography:See my Photography Courses site at . Photo Equipment and Supplies - sales & service:See my D/A Photography site at .

Pricing - my 3 - 20's rule

Each photo shoot is different and priced individually, but a close estimate of what my price will be can be arrived at with this formula.
$20 base fee + $20/hour* + $20 per roll of film (24 exp)
*setup, prep, and shooting time
prints/enlargements are extra
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